Always put people in the highest position in your heart

  There is such a story, heaven and earth: the long launter, when the warrior made a mother and child who had been starving to death, he did not hesitate to give them his "Safe Li Dry Food". When the mother and child successfully walked out of the grass, when I was embroidered, I was embroidered, and I would like to know how to be hungry on a long stroke. There is such a story and is happy: Liberate Shanghai Battle, in order to protect the Shanghai’s most prosperous industrial and commercial city as much as possible, our army abandon the use of heavy weapons. In the attack, there was such a slogan in the team: "For the people, it is willing to win the last sacrifice before the victory!" There is a story unforgettable: Patients with new crown pneumonia, more than 10 medical staff carefully rescued dozens of days, finally saved the life of the elderly, and treating the old man’s 1.5 million medical expenses, all by the state.

  … Adhere to the people-centered, which is determined by our party’s nature and purpose.

Our party roots in the people, blood in the people, born for the people, because of the people, the beginning is "the party" of the people ", and the people" is a family ". Hundred Years, the end of a hundred years.

Our party always puts the people in the highest position in your heart, "the people’s dreams", strive to "people live", practice "people’s position", and stick to "people’s feelings", bringing both to the right theory and route policy lead The people move forward, and they have achieved forward power from the creation and development requirements of people’s practice. The so-called: the people are like the sea, the drip is gathered into their Wang Yang; the people of the people, the soil accumulated into its 巍巍. The people are the foundation and blood of our party, and the President is forever. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the party Central Committee of Xi Jinping will put the people in the highest position of the rules of the country, both in the heart of the people, improve the people’s livelihood, and also win the people in the hearts; not only "wholeheartedly", and pursue "People satisfied". In the past 9 years, President Xi Zhazu, asked the suffering, listening to the people, visiting the poor, thinking, and improving the people’s acquisition, happiness, security; a touching details, Interpret the people’s first ruling concept; a piece of vivid facts, highlighting the endless concerns of the people. "Time is temperature.

"History has recorded the party for the people footprint, and the giant change witnessed the party’s people to pay, and the actions cash with the people’s commitment … In the past 100 years, our party consistently, for 100 years for the people’s interests; The party is advancing for 100 years with the intention of the people’s interests; it is a 100-year contribution to the people’s interests.

  History, who has the Chinese Communist Party so firmly focused on the ruling pursuit? In the world, who has the Chinese Communist Party to read the villain? The army wins, the people are relying on the mountain.

Our army is the people’s army under the absolute leadership, the party’s banner is the banner of the army, the party’s direction is the direction of the army, the party’s purpose is the tenet of the army. As early as 94 years ago, the army was written in his own "birth certificate" in his birth day: "Realize the interests of civilians."

  On September 8, 1944, at the memorial meeting of an ordinary soldier, Mao Zedong said: "Our Communist Party and the Eighth Route Army leading the Communist Party, the New Fourth Army, is a revolutionary team. Our team is completely for the liberation of people, Thoroughly work for the interests of the people.

"Since the Jianjun, our army pointed to the value of" for the people ", with the" for the people ", the struggle of struggle, with the" for the people "unchanged, the power source of the war. War age, no camp, The people of the people, the people of the people, will never disturb the people; when the food is scarce, the people of the people will never hungry, and they will never eat wild vegetables in the door of the people … Peace, when the disaster is sudden, when the motherland calls At the time, when the people expected, when the crisis arrived, the children sold the "most beautiful retrograde" "the most beautiful back" "the most beautiful sleep" "the most beautiful", and practice the "people’s first" belief.

  The people have been in a hundred years, and the people will still have a stretch. Regardless of the war form, from the people, for the people, relying on the people, it is always our army’s most brighter political background, which is overwhelming, not being overwhelmed by all difficulties, is the source of the power of all difficulties, is to overcome all enemies without being All the enemy’s victory victory.

  In 1936, Chen Yi wrote in the "Wannan guerrilla": "Relying on the people, support never forget. He is reborn your parents, I am a struggle, good, and strong.

"Let’s take the purpose of the people’s army in the heart, always and the people" heart ", in exchange for winning the" strong and medium "!