5 freestyle wrestps in Shanxi rank among the final round of the National Games

  Original title: Freestyle wrestling national competition ended our province 5th players ranked among the National International Wrestling Championships in 2021 National International Wrestling Championships and the 4th National Games preliminary wrestling project ended.

The participating teams across the country have played the elite, and the freestyle wrestling team sent 31 people to participate, win 2 bronze medals, and 5 players gain the qualifications of the National Games.

  In the men’s project competition in May 8th to 10, after fierce competition, Hu Zhanxiang, a athlete from our province, won 125 kg bronze medal, and promoted the final round of the National Games.Our province’s players in the finals of the National Games also have Wu Wei, Sun Zizhong, Li Qiang.Li Yan Sheng won the 70 kg-level bronze medal at the non-national level.In the subsequent women’s project, the province’s famous star is in the 57-kilogram competition, and the number of players have been defeated, gaining the fifth place at this level, and promotes the finals of the National Games.(Hu Ping, Han Ying).