Shanxi strengthening primary health difficulties of the masses "to protect the dam."

  Original title: strengthening poor people basic health care in our province, "to protect the dam" classification funded insurance, basic medical insurance Pratt & Whitney, serious illness insurance tilt, Medicaid underpinning …… November 1, the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau news "on the consolidation expand Medicare tackling poverty outcomes and effective convergence embodiments rural revitalization strategy "issued a clear" by the end of the implementation of three insurance, the three rescue "the poor rural filing card established health care assistance policy to 2021.

From January 1, 2022, for destitute persons (including orphans and the fact that no dependent children), the minimum target and the revitalization of rural departments that population back into poverty caused by poor execution and other insurance classification funding, Pratt & Whitney basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance tilt, medical assistance underpinning security policy. "Implementation plan" to define the objectives and tasks of the transitional period: After tackling poverty objectives and tasks, to get rid of the poorest counties in the prescribed five-year transition period, through optimal adjustment of health care assistance policies, a sound resolve to prevent sickness caused by poor long-term mechanism, centralized resources to support the progressive realization of tackling poverty to co-ordinate the basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical aid system normalization triple guarantee a smooth transition, enhance poor people the basic, reveal all the details of the guarantee. Province clear, stable population out of poverty no longer enjoy funded insurance policy. 2022-2025 years, the population easily back into poverty to poverty (including poverty and marginalized populations prone to cause instability in the poor population, excluding subsistence allowances have been included, destitute support staff range), participated in the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, part of the individual contributions per person per year 280 yuan fixed funding criteria; lean actuator into poverty population by 90% of the individual contributions given a fixed proportion of funding. Since 2022, giving full funding for destitute persons, the minimum target of 80% proportion of individual contributions giving a fixed subsidy (less than 280 yuan by 280 yuan funding).

  Pratt & Whitney fair implementation of basic medical insurance policy, since January 1, 2022, implementation of the original filing of rural poor people standing card in the county, municipal, provincial health insurance annual hospital costs in the directory million yuan, ten thousand yuan pays cap policy, implementation of a unified urban and rural residents basic medical insurance policy co-ordination in each district. Consolidate inpatient treatment level of protection, the proportion of hospital expenses paid policies within the county is generally stable at around 75%. Serious illness insurance for urban and rural residents continued to destitute persons, low object, a tilt population back into poverty to poverty pay, deductibles reduced by 50%, the proportion of claims increased by 5 percentage points since January 1, 2022 to cancel cap line. Strict implementation of the province’s unified treatment of medical aid policy, classification good medical assistance.

Destitute persons within the directory-of-pocket medical expenses be given protection by the hospital medical assistance.

Returning to poverty caused by the poor population in the hospital directory-pocket medical expenses, in proportion of 70% of medical help from a single hospital in the province comprehensive catalog fees to pay less than the proportion of 90% to 90% relief. Within the minimum target directory-pocket medical costs of hospitalization, according to the proportion of 70% of medical assistance, the maximum annual limit of 60,000 yuan rescue.

After triple-payment system, destitute persons, the minimum target, returning to poverty caused by the poor population policies within the personal burden is still heavy, give it preferential assistance.

  "Implementation plan" urged all localities to increase outpatient medical relief efforts, outpatient and inpatient assistance share annual aid limit.

Since January 1, 2022, into the province’s unified destitute persons disease coverage of outpatient chronic disease, after the minimum target of returning to poverty and impoverishment of the population, within the scope of the cost of outpatient policies by the basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance fails to file sales, the remaining part of destitute persons by 60%, the minimum target of returning to poverty and impoverishment of the population proportion of 30% to give relief, hospital management of pay-per-medical assistance at the end of a one-time aid quota management.

In line with destitute persons enjoy special outpatient drug security policy, the minimum target, returning to poverty caused by the poor population, especially after the drug within the coverage of basic medical insurance costs by, serious illness insurance fails to file sales, the remainder of destitute persons by 20%, and the minimum target back into poverty the poverty population by 10% of the aid. (Reporter Wu Jia).