Supervise "long teeth" Shanxi let education accountability more powerful

People’s Network Taiyuan August 19th (Li Meet) uses good to supervise the "sword" and improve the level of governance. Today, at the press conference held in the Shanxi Provincial Government Information Office, Li Qiuzhu, Party Secretary and Director of the Provincial Department of Education, said that by 2022, it was basically built comprehensive coverage, operation efficient, authority, accountability, and Shanxi characteristics Supervise the system mechanism.

It is reported that in order to focus on the long-term education and supervision institutions, the construction of the supervisory team is weak, the supervision authority is not enough, and the obstacles are unequal, and the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have introduced "the reform of the education and supervision system of the new era. The Implementation Opinions (hereinafter referred to as "Implementation Opinions"), system design and institutional arrangements for education supervision work in the province.

"Implementation Opinions" A total of 7 parts, 28, reflecting the "five reform" measures: management system reform. Adjusting the provincial government education supervision committee, the deputy governor of the provincial government is responsible for the deputy governor of education, and the provincial government assists the deputy secretary-general of the administration of education and the deputy director of the Provincial Department of Education, and the membership unit will increase to 23.

The Provincial Department of Education established an overall supervision, deputy chief executive, responsible for the implementation of specific work. At the same time, each city county is the provincial level, setting or adjust the corresponding government education supervision committee to ensure that the organization responsible for education supervision is independently exercising.

Running mechanism reform.

Establishing a three-digit education supervision system of "supervising, supervision, evaluation monitoring", improved education supervision method, through comprehensive supervision and special supervision, process supervision and results supervision, daily supervision and random supervision, supervision and supervision and unison Waiting for "four combinations" to further improve the targeted and effectiveness of education supervision.

Accountability mechanism reform.

Improve the eight aspects of report, feedback, rectification, accountability, etc., let the "institutional chain" ring loop in education supervision.

At the same time, establishing an educational supervision and education administrative examination and approval, punishment, law enforcement, etc., strengthens education and supervision authority and seriousness.

Supervisory management reform.

All local inspections are equipped with the ratio of the number of schools 1: 5, and some of the number of students in some students are equipped with a ratio of 1: 1, and the annual centralized training time is not less than 30. At the same time, strengthen the supervisory performance assessment and establish an inspector exit mechanism. Safeguard mechanism reform. Governments at all levels shall be included in the financial budget of this – grade financial budget in accordance with the actual needs of education supervision and supervision in the region, and the education supervision institutions are well used.

At the same time, improve information methods in education supervision, improve the informationization and scientific level of education supervision. In order to better play the role of education and supervision, "Implementation Opinions" also put forward eight initiatives, including improving the reporting system, standardizing the feedback system, strengthening the system, improving the system, implementing the incentive system, serious discussing system, establishing a notification system, pressure Real Question System, so that the supervision of "long teeth" and accountability is more powerful.

The Shanxi Provincial Government Education Supervision Committee has implemented the implementation of the "Implementation Opinions", incorporating the annual evaluation content and focus of the urban county-level government to perform education duties, which will seriously accountable for the implementation. (Editor: Lei Hao, Zhang Linshan) Share let more people see recommendation reading.