Original contemporary dance drama "Xing Xinghai" will set the national grandater

  Original contemporary dance drama "Xing Xinghai" will set the national superheater Niu Xiaozi Zhongxin.com Beijing December 7th (Reporter Gaokai) on the 14th anniversary of the National Grand Theater, December 16th to 22nd, The National Grand Theater and Ningbo City Performing Arts Group jointly produced the original contemporary dance drama "Xing Xinghai" will appear in the National Grand Theater Drama Center to pay tribute to the great "people’s musicians". On the 7th, the dance drama "Xing Xinghai" held a press conference in the National Grand Theater Record. Zhao Tiechun, Vice President of the National Grand Theater, the party committee secretary, chairman of the Ningbo Establishment, General Director Xiao Xiangrong, the screenwriter Xu Rui and other main chances, sharing the introduction of the drama and the original intention.

  Original contemporary dance drama "Xing Xinghai" will go to the National Grand Theater Niu Xiaoshao, from the musician to the revolutionary home, Xing Xinghai poor, is strong, and the country is unmortal, and the immortal work of the unique China is left for the Chinese nation. Valuable art wealth. Original contemporary dance drama "Xing Xinghai" focuses on the life footprints of Xi Xinghai, focusing on the interpretation of human emotions and spiritual levels, through "order" "big sea" "flood" "home" "Star" five chapters The important nodes of the Xing Xinghai’s life have been combed. From the perspective of the inner perspective of Xi Xinghai’s life, it will review the audience to re-recognize a Xing Xinghai who has not been known.

  The dance drama "Xing Xinghai" is directed by the total director Xiao Xiangrong, the screenwriter Xu Rui, the composition, Guo Shida, dance beauty, lighting, multimedia design Han Jiang, clothing design Zou You, modeling design Jarley, executive director Chang Heni, editor Li Chao, Wen Xiaoyue, Lu Yimin, Fan Wei, Lan Mingming, and the design of the stage of the stage of the stage of Sun Yiyi and other first-line artists.

The creation of the drama broke through the inherent model of the traditional dance drama, from the emotion, from the feelings, innovative, leader "music symphony narrative" structure reproduces the Xing Xinghai, with modern, international dance The language shows its rich spiritual world.

  Xiao Xiangrong said that "the dance drama" Xing Xinghai "did not use traditional linear narrative, but the Xing Xinghai was re-complied with national and world-sex symbols. Highly integrated to create a soul sublimation, there is a bloody ‘People’s Musician’, let the fate of people more now.

"In the creation process, the screenwriter Xu Rui has an overview of a large number of historical materials, and tried to lead the audience into the inner world of Xing Xinghai with warm and profound bricks.

Xu Rui said that "this dance drama is not to tell the story of Xing Xinghai, but in order to dance his deep spiritual power. When we deconstructed this work, we used the imaginary expressions of the Hai Xinghai ‘s process. Music, symphony, dance to portray characters – ‘Dahai’ symbolizes the process of adhering to school in the predicament; ‘Torrent’ represents the flood of the revolution as the Chinese nation; ‘The hometown’ indicates that the war is observed overseas; ‘Star’ means a firm belief like a star sea is generally eternal. "The original contemporary dance drama" Xing Xinghai "will encourage more young audience to enter the theater to understand the Xinghai Sea, the dance drama will in line with contemporary The modern style of the audience is presented, using the pioneer avant-garde, with an infectious contemporary dance form, interpretation of the legendary life of Xing Xinghai. In terms of music, the classic works of Xing Xinghai will be mainly based on the main melody with a certain symphony and electronic tyranny, showing the background of a grand era, emphasizing the central conflict in the characters.

In the presence of the dance, it will be unique to the "Sky" "Rain" "Rain" "Rain" "Rain" "Rain" "Snow" "Snow" "Sky" "Skyline", and combined with the expression of Montage, combined with the dance, Music, props, images and other means to create a very strong visual impact, lead the audience to really walk into the heart of Xing Xinghai, feel the youthful blood of the years, understand the enthusiastic family of revolutionary ancestors. Original contemporary dance drama "Xing Xinghai" will be in the country of Niu Xiaobei in the Nakar Sea, there have been countless friends, comrades, friends, teachers and friends, etc., and fight together. For the real restoration history, the dance drama not only moves the moving story between the most important people in life, but also adds the incarnation of the "destiny" of the Xing Xinghai Mind World, through the internal heart of Xing Xinghai, let the audience intuitively feel To his strong spiritual world.

  The main role of this round of performance will be made by Weiliangzhou, Li Yu, Wang Jinge, He will, Sun Rui (special dancer), Yan Han, etc., and the chief actor of Ningbo Song and Dance Theater, Wang Wei, Wang Zheng and other points Dressing and served as a dance class by Ningbo Song and Dance Theater.