The East is unlimited (into the Expo observation)

  The 4th China International Import Expo will be held in Shanghai. Currently, all the preparations work is basically ready. At that time, 58 countries and 3 international organizations will participate in the country exhibition. Nearly 3,000 exhibitors from 127 countries and regions will appear in the enterprise exhibition, country (region), and the number of companies exceeding the previous session.

  More and more participating companies are increasingly in the Fourth In the Expo, Germany, Burrhr, Yin Gen, will bring a variety of global and Asian first show products.

Burrhr Yongham launched the first external innovation cooperation center of China last year.

This year, the company completed the second phase expansion in Shanghai Zhangjiang’s biopharmaceutical base, and production capacity was raised 3 times the beginning of the completion. Gao Qi, President and CEO, Burlinger, and CEO, said: "Continuous participation in the Expo is because we have attached great importance to the Chinese market and long-term optimistic. At the same time, we also enter the beneficiary of the Expo spillage effect, Jinbo The exhibit is accelerating the product, and Burrhr Yinge Han has also been an investor in the exhibition. "" As a wine exhibitor for the Serbian wine, I participated in the first entrance.

We have sold only 20,000 bottles in China, and we sold more than 100,000 bottles in China after the second year.

"Say the fourth time to participate in the Excelle to Milan Nasti:" Serbia has a proverb, ‘If you want to go fast, one is alone; if you want to go, you need a friend to walk. "In 2020, China and the Middle Eastern European countries have reached 100 million US dollars, and they broke through 100 billion US dollars in the first time.

Among them, the Expo play an important role in promoting bilateral economic and trade cooperation. Middle Eastern Europe, such as Serbia, Poland actively participates in the Expo, and local quality products have continued to improve in China.

  Weisovic, a strategic analysis, service and global division of Industry and Commerce, Serbia, said that it is hoped that the Bo will showcase Serbia’s characteristic products through the Expo, and hopes to introduce more called Serbian brands through the economic and trade exchanges with China.

  The fourth-year entrance to the country exhibition will be held in the first time, using new technologies such as three-dimensional modeling, virtual engine, to create an immersive digital exhibition hall, concentrate on the development of exhibitors, the advantage of industries, cultural tourism, etc., fully show the world Civilization and economic development status of all countries.

Among them, the five countries in the Congo (cloth), Kiribas, Mauritius, Solomon Islands, and Palestine were first participated in the fair. Sun Chenghai, deputy director of China International Import Expo, said that enterprises actively participate in the progress, not only fully reflect the attraction of entering the platform, and also vividly showing the expectation and recognition of overseas companies to the Chinese market. The opening of the door is, the more you "benefit from the Expo, and the Eternal Signal Into-Conditioning Champion has grown into an international famous brand.

Bai Daping, General Manager of China Eternal China, General Manager, China, said in four consecutive years, said: "We brought to the exhibits on the first into the Expo, the current market share exceeds 50%; participating in the second entrance to the Expo It has been localized in the Suzhou Kunshan factory, and the cost fell by 25%. Our products developed in Qingpu Factory in Shanghai, not only to meet China and Asia Pacific market, but also began to sell to the European market. "October 25, the goods value of more than one million US dollars," Pumpkins ", as the first bid of the fourth year of the Fourth, the first bid-of-bidding art, transported to the Pudong Foreign Gaoqiao District. Fourth The international cultural relics art plate was established for the first time, according to the deputy general manager of Shanghai Free Trade Test Area International Cultural Investment Development Co., Ltd. The species involves the current artistic artwork, decorative art, ancient painting, porcelain, etc., which is expected to have nearly 2 billion yuan.

  "5 pieces of tax" policy allows the auction bank in Suifei to participate in this year’s entrance.

Last year, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Taxation, jointly issued a notice, the third year into the Expo exhibition, each exhibitor sales of art, collectibles and antiquities, can enjoy 5 ordered import tariffs, import Tax preferential policies for VAT and consumption taxes. China ‘s expanded an open series initiatives announced by the first three sessions, is being fully implemented. The Hongqiao Forum is going to do, the better the global economic cooperation will go to? The fourth year of entering the Expo Hongqiao International Economic Forum will focus on the world economy under the Centenary, inviting political research and research of people from all walks of life. "China joined the WTO 20th Anniversary: ??Mutual benefit and win-win cooperation" High-level Forum has become a highlight of this Hongqiao Forum, and it will also hold "the new chapter of the external open milestones and win-win" – China Joined the 20th anniversary of China . Participating in the 12-game forum, will revolve the "Hongqiao Sound" for the Construction of the Human Destiny in the top of the 12-game forum. During the forum, "World Open Report 2021" and "World Open Index" will be released to assess the opening of 129 economies in 2008.

This year, Hongqiao Forum also opened a sub-forum in Pudong New Area and Hongqiao International Central Business District. The annual entry is worth looking forward to, full of exciting.