Siarban Dividend

[] On July 28th, the Fifth Council of Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank opened the opening and discussion of "How to build more inclusive, more tough tomorrow". More than four years, the size of the Ya Tour in the official website of the whole English official website continues to grow, the business continues to expand, has jumped to the mainstream international multilateral development bank, constantly fulfilling multilateral dividends in the world.

  The secret of the success of the sub-play is no, nothing more than the establishment of the initial heart – streamlined, honest, green, and changing one by one.

Its external manifestation is highly international governance structure, multilateral transparent decision-making methods, reasonable employee size and professional and prudent financing review. Since the emergence of new crown pneumonia, Yaban has announced the establishment of new coronal pneumonia crisis recovery funds to support members to respond to multiple pressures brought about from the epidemic, providing a rare emergency financing for the international community.

  If the policity of the above-mentioned Special Emission, it reflects the flexibility and efficiency of the Siago. So under greater background, the value of the Siago also is that it came into being, and it is effective to fill the market gap.

  For decades, there is an objective supply of insufficient supply in the international development financial sector, and it is difficult to match the problem. The existing development financial institutions starting in the Bretton Forest system have not been able to meet the global infrastructure investment demand due to its relatively lag in the scale, power architecture and pattern innovation. According to the relevant estimates, 2015 to 2030, Asia’s new infrastructure demand will reach 38 trillion US dollars, and the average annual fund gap is in trillion, many of the countries that have a large-scale people’s livelihood, financially sustainable, in accordance with environmentally friendship and public opinion. Torked people, financing. On the other hand, in the context of the global economy, the main economy is loose, fluidity, and the lack of high quality projects. Massive funds in financial markets or idle arbitrage, or in safe assets that sleep in low-income or even negative benefits, the financial efficiency has turned sharply.

  The Pengbobakle index shows that as of July 22, the global negative rate bond size is trillion, setting up the highest level in 9 months. After the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the contradiction between the above "good project lack" and "big funds" further highlighted.

And this situation is just a huge space, making this developing country leading, governance architecture, no history burdens, good use of public-private joint, and the new development agencies needed by developing countries have gain huge exhibition space . So far, Ya Tour has ratified 87 investment projects, with a total amount of $ 19.6 billion, greatly improved global financial resource allocation efficiency, and continuously fulfilling development bonus to the world.

  For investors, Asian investment usually plays a leading and combined role, providing screening projects, identifying risks, and expanding bonuses for assets of big cake; Configure bonus. It is the feedback of the above-mentioned real gold and silver, driving in the past five years, in the past five years, has increased from more than 100 members from the first 57 foundings to more than 100 members from Six continents, and become the world’s second largest multi-Bank. Development agency. Asian investment banking and the management of existing development are not contradictory, but complementary, complementary, and complement each other. The staff of Asia, organizational architecture and operational norms, fully absorb existing development agencies, and adhere to the development path of internationalization, standardization, and high standards.

  At present, the Siard Bank and the World Bank, Ya-Bank, and European Revival Development Bank have maintained cooperative relationship, and there is no shortage of joint financing projects. .

  With a broader view, the birth and growth of the Asian vote is the major innovation and breakthrough in the global economic governance level, in order to promote global development agencies to politics, focus on the development of the development and support the inclusion development, a new road, Institutional innovation dividends in optimizing the global economic governance level. As a new type of multilateral development bank, Asian vote naturally has a new era of cooperation, communication north-south, inclusive development, and promotes the promotion of the interconnection, promoting green development, supporting technical progress, showing huge renewal of future global economic governance iteration thrust.

  As the Chinese leader said, Ya Tao should be a new platform for promoting members to develop and promoting the construction of human fate communies. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.