Snowy fierce! Chinese medicine experts bring you a "four sets"

This year’s December 7 is the snowy throttle. The big snow season, all things hidden, health should also comply with natural laws, should be treated with Wen Run Yang and the cold disease. Recently, the People’s Network reporter interviewed the director of Zhengdong Hospital, Zhengzhou People’s Hospital, Fu Liran, bringing you a "four sets" of heavy snowy festival.

The meridian scraping scraping is one of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods. It is guided by Chinese medicine meridians. The specific scraping appliance is medium. Through the corresponding techniques, the skin surface is scratched, rubbed, and the skin has a dark red bleeding point. "Spreading" changes to achieve the role of dredging meridians, conditioning the viscera, treating disease. Meridian scraping can treat colds, fever, headache, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. It is necessary to pay attention to the abdomen, lumbosacral, women’s nipples prohibit scraping; heart failure, renal failure, cirrhosis of corner, body severe floating lapsers prohibit scraping; leukemia patients, platelets are beware; The more, serious illness, qi deficiency, blood loss, food, hunger, should not be scraped; the skin is ulter, damage, and inflammation should not be scraped.

In addition, if there is a lower extremitic vein, the scraping application is light, and the wiping direction is from underward. The hoist moxibustion and moxibustion cucurbust moxibustion is a special technique of gourd and moxibustion. The infrared energy of the hoist cavity is adjusted, and the tutethene gas machine lifting balance is adjusted to achieve health and anti-disease and rapid treatment.

Huluco can improve human immunity and promote disease rehabilitation.

It has the role of warmthrough, sputum dehumidification, alienation, and promotes blood circulation, promotes local blood circulation, can treat rheumatoid arthritis, shoulder inflammation, neurasthenia, insomnia, migraine, etc.

The gourd moxibustion is suitable for a wide range of people. The moxibustion is also called the long snake moxibustion, which is used in Chinese medicine powder, ginger, and Ai Virgin on the back spine of the human body. Suitable for relieving pain caused by joint pain and soft tissue injury injury caused by cold and evil wet, there is a unique effect on spine-related diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, etc., as well as anti-aging and beauty.

Chinese medicine packets, Chinese medicine packets are a specific position such as a good Chinese medicine medicine to be added to the body’s disease or acupuncture points, so that heat vapor passes through the skin, penetrates capillary, promotes blood circulation, reaches the warmth of the gas, the blood, and the water A external treatment method for cold and other purposes. Suitable for dysmenorrhea, low back pain, lumbar disc herniation, shoulder inflammation, abdominal pain, hands and feet, cold legs and other cold evils caused by pain. Pay attention to avoid burning during the treatment process. If the skin is rash, itching, etc., itch is, it should be suspended or claimed. Chinese medicine packets should not be used during menstruation.

Chinese medicine soaking foot will not be warm in winter, and all heating measures have the best effect. The traditional Chinese medicine bubble is to use the appropriate Chinese medicine formula into Chinese medicine water to make your feet, thereby achieving the effect of improving physical fitness, conditioning the body, treating the disease.

Chinese medicine soaking time is controlled within half an hour, with a water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, and the water consumption is preferably not a calf.

After the feet, you can properly massage your feet. When you are cold, you must cut your feet to avoid the wind from the foot. At the same time, pay attention to 1 hour after the meal is not suitable for foam; children, the old people can not be too long; there is diabetes, varicose, pedicure and other diseases are not suitable; cardiovascular disease patients, low Blood pressure patients, pregnant women and menstrual women can’t make feet.

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