Qingxiu District Borrows the City Go League opportunity to Shenchuang "National Go Town"

  City Go League (hereinafter referred to as the city surrounding) 2021 season Nanning Qingxiu Station held on October 29th to 30th at Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center, 18 teams in the same game, Ma Xiaochun, Hu Yuqing, eight paragraphs and many other masters.

During the city, there is also a three-way friendship invitation, and the Youth Friendship, the Youth Play, which attracted the Chinese President Lin Jianchao, Nie Wuping, Jiu Duan, Liu Xiaoguang, and other experts.

The enthusiastic Go atmosphere gave the guests and players, and the Township of the "National Go Township" was a bit like this to the Qingxiu District. Lin Jianchao said that after several years of development, the city has become an important window of Chinese Go, China’s Go culture to the world, and the influence of the event is getting bigger and bigger. The Qingxiu District took this opportunity as an opportunity to Shenchuang "National Go Town".

As the first county-level unit of Nanning, the county-level unit of the country, Qingxiu District attaches importance to mass cultural activities, launched a lot of playful promotion activities, I believe that Go will develop very good.

  "Chess Sheng" Nie Wi Ping is deeply in touch with the strong Go atmosphere of Nanning.

He said that the Qingxiu District is a good urban area, and the work and promotion of the event organization work and promotion promotion work is not bad. It is quite high as the city’s surrounding competition. Many chess people know this event. I like to participate. This game.

You can make more publicity and promotion through opportunities, let more people understand Go games, let more people participate in Go activities, so they can enrich the masses’ sports culture. The player Ma Xiaochun expressed recognition of this event organization. He said that the event arrangement is rich, and there are both games, there are some chess fans interactive activities, and everyone participates in high enthusiasm.

Nanning held such a competition to pay attention to ordinary citizens. There are also many people’s chess fans and the three-way associations organized by the organizers. Everyone will play a very happy game together. (Zhou Ming Yong correspondent Luo Qianlin Baojun) (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Chen Luo) Share let more people see.