People’s Daily News Women’s Workers’ "Heng Ai Action": Love is sent to Xinjiang Hill

At the scene, the children are in a colorful, style and novel sweater, hat, scarf, and brilliant smile."The aunts in Beijing are particularly good. I like it very much. I will have to study hard, I will go to Beijing in the future! The third grade Uighurs students said, while talking about the reportersIt is raised the love card you received, and I wrote above "I wish you a healthy and happy every day!".

"We feel the love and concern from all walks of life from all walks of life from this donation, and see the confidence and determination of the school teachers and students to return society.

We are convinced that the students in Pishan County will not forget the kindness, cherish the opportunity, study hard, go up every day, and take the motherland with excellent results.

"Attending the Donation Ceremony and Deputy Secretary of the Field Committee, the Anhui Provincial Department of Aid Construction Headquarters said.