“Be right,Uncle is also a person who is a ninja,Although it is injured,But this is still in Chakra.”The wooden village smiled and took it back.。

Spring heart,Yup,Musaki is the ninja before,And the Ninja of the thousand hand is obviously the most powerful attributes.,That is。。。。
“Uncle,What will you forbe?,I heard some sickness can spit out http://www.090fudao.cn fireball.”Spring is not asking,But by a circle。
“Ha ha,I will not,I will solemnly”Wooden village laughs,What really wants?,He is still considering how to guide the spring.,I didn’t expect to send it directly to the door.。
“Wow,Amazing”Spring said to worship。
“Can you teach me a tolerance?,Uncle Mu Village”
“Forehead。。。。”Wooden village is desperate。
Be formed。
“In principle, it is not working.,Sold comprehension is not chaotic,However, Uncle has got a must,But you can pass it to you.,But there is no power,An ordinary sterile。”
Wooden Village Touching the Bar。
“Really”Spring is happy to say。
“of course,I have been very embarrassed by the remuneration before the family.,Little sickness is given to you.,Hahaha”
Springs look at the uncle of the open-minded wooden village,I also laughed.,But there is http://www.jzjxbb.cn indeed other meaning in the laughter.。
Two people have a ghost guy,That’s a rabbit,Talk very strong。
I don’t know who is calculating. Who is?。
After a meal,Spring is happy to go home.。
The Village also packed up.,Ready to go back。
Spring is very slow,I have been thinking about the sickness of the village education in my mind.。
It is not very difficult to ninjone.,The same as the wood village,However, the spring did not expect it that it is the endurance.。
It is the sickness that I thought before Quan.,Listen to the name knows that there is no attack ability。
This is a water that can be slow to treat injuries.,The Village is also looking for a half-day.,Or former ahead of adults left。
Totally Suitable,No danger,Simple demand,Can also treat injuries,Perfect。
I was picked up by http://www.xinfusheng666.cn the wood village.。
Spring back home,Just gave the family, I didn’t eat it.,Anyway, the rabbit eaten before yet digested。
Then I rushed back to my own room.。
Presidential,He has already got the news of the wooden village.。
And his efforts to Spring are also seen in the eyes.,If you are afraid of Spring, I know that some things have been too excited.,He can also provide a better cultivation environment。
“Ugh,Still waiting for him to grow up again.!”
Family sigh,Face is full of complexity。
Spring back to your own room,Be prepared to first“Waterherapy”learn。
After all, it is also a way of cultivating the property checkskra.,Just like a solid。
The same is three printers,With the experience of cultivating solid surgery。
This cultivation of chemotherapy is much easier.,Nothing,Spring is used out。
Looking at the water vapor who is faint in his hand,Spring is excited over the speech。
but,Printing also needs practice,Otherwise it is so slow.,Spring, you can’t see it.。
So this is quite useful.,Can accelerate the injury from spring to recover training。