“Continental,You can consider my proposal.。”

“Be no need to consider。”
Lu Haocheng’s cool http://www.xingdajiaju.cn light is a dislike。
Blue Xinyi,The anger that rushed up was also pressed.,It seems that she doesn’t have to go in.。
Her husband will not betray her.。
Blue Xin’s mouth is happy to raise a smile,Slowly turn away。
Hacker,Lu Haozheng’s eyes look at the door,Just a http://www.yuyaoshop.cn look,I recognized who the other person is。
His lip corner evil spirits,The chill in the scorpion faded a lot。
Blue Xin returned to the private room,Dish is already。
Zhu Tingting looked confused her,See her good,Asked:“Blue,How did you go so long?,Constipation?”
Blue Xin:“”Can you say such disgusting things on the dinner table?
“no,Something delayed,Hurry。”
Blue Xin laughs,Sitting opposite her,She is still looking down the phone。
She knows that she is hot now is her andkayThing。
Extremely hot,certainly,She is also in it。
Zhu Tingting looked at the phone nodded。
Blue Xin belly is very hungry,Looking at her while eating。
“What is it??
This sweet and sour ridge should be hot。”
Blue Xin eats several meat,Zhu Tingting has not been eaten yet。
Zhu Tingting’s eyes are only removed from http://www.chenjuncaiwu.cn the phone.。
“Blue,I bought a water army.,KillkayThat little 婊。”
Blue Xin:“”This Zhu Miss is really can’t afford,The water army bought it.。
“I want her to hook this month.。”
Zhu Tingting biting his teeth,Double eyes。
“hehe”Blue Xin looked at her smiles like this.,It’s really not to go.,She will not be like this.,“Tingting,When you slamming her hair,Very handsome,Cool。”
“Hey, yell.,Blue,She stole your design,Did you calculate this??”
Zhu Tingting looked at her. This is not anxious.,Very urgent。
Blue Xin slightly shakes his head:“Of course, I won’t be so much.,But I revenge like this person, I will revenge.。”
Lin Zikai this person??
Ambient,Don’t have her hands,She will ruin myself.。