“hehe……”Lu Haocheng laughed,“Muzi,Are you looking for a wrong place??

My wife is learning design,Not learning acting,Don’t you find a suitable person??”
“Can be able to find,But I think the blue temperament is more compliant.,The clean and clear temperament on the blue body is not anyone.,Avant’s team needs a groupMVPropaganda,You think,They have a pure and pure,A long and beautiful,Very……”“Hey,Ah Cheng,Don’t hang your phone?,I haven’t finished it.。”
Mu Zi looked on the phone,Some http://www.epkn.cn helplessness。
Su Seiming in his office is obliquely,“You http://www.thxxzxx.cnsaid you,A category is baby his wife,What is you still saying?,He didn’t kill you.,You will thank you.。”
Mu Zizi lifts a lip flower。
Looking at Su Sei Ming,Just smile:“Your family is also very suitable,It is better to call your home.……”“no。”
Su Sei Ming didn’t wait for him to finish.。
Muzi:“……”This world is so difficult to send money.。
“Then what do you find me??”
Mu Ziyou,Give Su Shengming a cup of tea。
“Good Longjing,Just bought,What you like。”
Su Seiming looked at him,“You have to shoot my wife’s,I certainly have to come over and see it.。”
Mu Ziyou has a painful pain。
“You also have shares in this company,Do you believe yourself??”
Su Sei Ming smiled at him,“Exactly, I believe you.,I am afraid that you bully my wife.。”
“See you like this,Your wife is not coming again.http://www.ccxingxing.cn ,How do I bully her?,You are not afraid of hurting my heart.。”
Mu Zijun,Look at Su Seiming Face Run,Really happy,That big gossip is really alive.。
“Hey-hey,Do you have a heart??”
Su Shengming, the tea, the tea is light.。
NS1851chapter I want you to help a busy.
Mu Zizi has a chest:“How can I have a heart?,Besides,Giving safe price is not low,If you are not a story?,Script powder,Who dares to open such a high price?。
Only the Chinese entertainment is rough。”
“Huazhong Entertainment belongs to the Lu Group Branch,Of course, the money is rough。
But what can we be so talented??
It is also the song that I can write our story.,Amused a premiere。”
Muzi:“……”The person in this year is more than one.,I haven’t given bamboo poles to climb down.。
“okay,You can go back.。”
Mu Zizi’s face is not good。
When you have no wife, you want your wife.,Show off your wife when you have a wife.。
He also has,Don’t want to listen to others to show off your wife,He is afraid that he can show up.,Can cry for Su Jingming。
“not going back,I have something to find you.?
Besides,I haven’t finished drinking.?
Are you a way to visit??”