“Look,It’s very smooth.。”

this moment,When Shen Xuan looked these,Shen Xuan’s face is full of smiles。
Before the cloud,I didn’t think of it.。
But now,If the cloud is only two words for Shenxuan,admire。
http://www.cqmxt.cn “but,God of War,Nothing。”
“But you,Don’t be too urgent,What we are pursuing,Still two words!”
When Shen Xuan’s words,This is to let the people of the Temple of other war.。
In fact, they now,It is completely unidentified.,These things,So actually arranged。
But since there is already a thing,So next,It’s a good opportunity.。
“Money family now,Already a strong end。”
“But next,Want to treat them,Still need a little means。”
When you think of these in Shen Xuan,Shen Xuan still felt,Here,Still there is a lot of things,I need special attention to it.。
As Shen Xuan said,Both around you。
Indeed it is,Shen Xuan now occupies these industries very fast。
but,There are still some distant problems,These temporary have no way to handle。
So for Shen Xuan,I want to really solve these things.,So http://www.coilnail.cn you can only slowly,Take a step back。
“Ugh,Now I am still entangling what these things do.?”
When you think of these in Shen Xuan,Shen Xuan, or less,Still some helplessness。
Think,not far away,Lei Tianming appeared here。
“Boss,I have solved the little child of Qian Sunlong.。”
“According to your instructions,I didn’t continue to take it.,Now catch back。”
When Lei Tianming said,His face revealed a unique excitement。
In fact, these things,Shenxuan’s heart,Of course, it is more clear than anyone.。
So next,In fact, Shen Xuan,It does not continue to entangle these。
After a while,Shen Xuan nodded。
“kindness,You did very well。”
“So next,Let’s start the next step.。”
When Shen Xuan looked at the eyes,obviously,For such things,In fact, Shen Xuan’s heart,It is some jumps to try。
And Shen http://www.xinhaimc.cn Xuan’s side,Lei Tianming,It is some intake。
“Boss,Let’s follow,What is the beginning start?”
Such a thing,In fact, Lei Tianming is now,How many jumps are trying?。
And look at these,This,Shen Xuan’s face is brought a smile。