I saw the golden light of Jinyu Emperor’s whole body soaring,The mighty golden light directly oppressed Li Ming。And between golden light,If anything, there are islands。

But Emperor Jinyu gave his best,Hiding under one of the islands。
If the hammer before,It’s a full blow from normal http://www.smjtjs.cn state。
And now,But Emperor Jinyu really broke out。
Supernatural power、All mysteries are used,It’s just that I didn’t use the ultimate desperate forbidden move!
《Jinyu Sea》
Every island in the mystery,it is true,Also fake。
Hidden in a full blow。
If must see,Constipation is just the power of occult coagulation。
Once hit head-on,It’s the hammer of Jinyu Emperor!
Just look at the power,Li Ming knew that he couldn’t handle it by relying solely on the protection http://www.tongmingled.cn field。
“Heart world,Come。”
World projection,A force comparable to the constant attacks of the Heavenly Lord Daoist continues to work on the secret technique of Emperor Jinyu,At the same time, it also assists in blessing Li Ming’s body surface which is no more than three feet in the protective body.。
Sharp spear in hand,《Heart Array Spear·Liangyi》!
Marksmanship is transformed from pure chaotic power into two instruments,Perfectly fits the bodyguard http://www.changzhibao.cn formation。
Spearmanship itself may not be smart,But the mystery of mobilization is extremely profound。