One is on the eastern edge of Youlan Mansion,One at the west edge。

At the east edge,Stationed in the Pauline family、Four major families including the Ashcroft family。
Among these eight families,Temporarily headed by the Pauline family。
In the Palace of Light of the Pauline Family。
The Palace of Light is a hundred meters high,Pillars exuding soft white light stand in the hall,And at this moment under the hall。only‘Chetton’Stand respectfully,And above the hall。There are eight people sitting。
These eight,Is the patriarch of the eight families!
To be precise,Four of them are the arrival of the deity。The other four。It’s far away from the patriarch of the four big families‘Puppet clone’,This puppet clone,Death puppet。Contains a hint of consciousness。
Put a puppet here,Also to discuss things together。
Cheton respectfully tells what he knows about the elves。
After saying it respectfully:“that’s it!”
Eight patriarchs were discussing from above。
“Edric,This guy appeared in the world of life,You should send your subordinates to find out,So is behind the Azure Dragon clan?‘Lieshan Wizard’Bar。”
“I don’t see any need to check,Those scumbags of the Four God Beast Family are not stupid,Will sway in the life god realm at will?And there is a 7-star bodyguard。”The speaker’s voice is extremely thick。
“Dern,Do you practice the laws of the earth to the point that you have rocks in your mind??This kind of thing must be checked!”
“Ha ha~Want me to say,That one‘Lieshan Wizard’Also unstable factor,Just take this opportunity to kill him。”Sharp body influence。
“Makes sense,Wenner!I agree to do this。”