Summer put your hand on the table,Look at the fat man in front of,Laugh,“go,Today I take you to eat a big meal.。”
Eat a big meal?Looking at the quirky smile,The fat peak is hitting a chill,A little feeling。
NS852chapter beginning
Suddenly,Many upflow people think of,Not too bustling this province。
But……It is the richest province in China,none of them。
Far away,Su Hangzhou has been more than six trillions in the past five consecutive years.,Rening the first in unmovable strong。
This also indicates from the other hand,There are many rich people in Suzhou, Suzhou.,There are also many families。
but,Really aware of the family has only four。
King is king,open,Bee,Mandarin。
Meng family is one of the four families,It is said that before the founding of the country,This family stands still,So far from underage。
Now now,Meng family has accumulated deep heritage,powerful,A wide range of people,No matter which field,Meng family can eat。
today,It is the forty-five birthday of Menghai, Munhai.,Some social celebrities have sent a gift,And the invited person,Nothing is identifiable。
There are still many people who think about their identity.,I want to come to participate in my head. It is not qualified.。
Not exaggerated,Can come to participate in banquets,For many people in Suzhou, Suzhou,It is enough to be a symbol of identity.。
Just let many people are strange,This year, the birthday of Menghai,I didn’t have a provincial capital.。
The location is even selected in the suburbs of Qinghai,One famous in the Green Over Manor。
Calculate a good weather today,Sunny weather,Sun high。
The people in the green manor are surging,A golden carpet from the entrance of the door to the outside of the manor。
Parking lot outside the manor,A variety of styles of luxury cars are open,And there is still a continuous luxury car to fly.,Comparison of a luxurious mobile car show。
“Meng Jia is really big.,So many luxury cars,See,That is the car’s car,There is also Zhangjia and Chen Jia,The people of the three families have arrived.。”
“Meng Jia is also one of the four families.,They must have to come,But I care more about those people.,see it,Those people are very eye,But Meng’s family is very polite to them.。”
Core character as Meng family,Today is another birthday of Big Brother Menghai,Meng Jiang has several juniots to meet the guests at the door.,The face is full of smiles。
At this time,He saw the opposite side of a man and a woman,Male is obviously a bodyguard model,And the woman is a mood,Beautiful,Temperament。
“Ha ha,Miss Yin,welcome。”
See a woman,Meng Jiang rushed to smile,Go forward。
“Meng Mr. Meng,excuse me。”
Yin Duo polite response,Outline a smile。
Lianhua Part is also the best school,Can more than Shaolang Wudang,Just relatively low。
But its heritage is deeply,Every three years,Have an outstanding disciple。