In the light head,This reward is simply sending money.,Gave a monster,This is not a hand?

He has already envied the might life of the night.,I used to have envied and hateful,And now a chance to get rid of poverty and get rich.。
Original Jenos wants to follow Qi Yu’s,But the bald head is worried about Jenos once followed.,Will take his reward,So say that we must divide the two ways。
Going out the head of the house,Not anxious to find a monster,Instead, I decided to take the way I just went to the supermarket.,Because he has just killed a lot of geeks all the way.。
Before the geeks appeared in the bald head,It is completely food that cannot be eaten.,So being abandoned,But now I think,The bald head is a painful heart.,That’s all money.!
Num head returned by high speed,Soon, I came to the place where I have just killed geeks.,Unfortunately, except for blood,I have not left it.。
Because this reward task,Now the monster’s body is money,Killer can change money through the body of the geeks。
The passerby of the monsters before,I didn’t think about it.,Actually, someone throws money?。
Full face is unwilling bald,Eventually I can only give up the trophy before I retrieve it.,Start in turnZCity of all places in the city。
But because“Snowfall group”Now there is a baseZcity,And there are 18 murders from the 18th and Syx.,So most of the geeks,Just enterZThe city is already killed by sputum.。
And when the bald head is hard to meet a geek,Its itself thinks to kill each other,At least one million bonuses,Because it is too excited reason,So the hand is too heavy,Putting the other party directly into a slag
Be right,Is theoretical slag,Even if you can receive the bodies that you can receive the reward.。
The battle is still continuing,But even the high reward,Under the numerous situation of geeks,Many cities are constantly being captured。
Anti-line of human beings,Also constantlyZCity,BecauseZCity is currently in all cities,The place where the destruction is destroyed.。
On the one handZThe city’s blowing group does strength,Another part reason,It is now that there are two fighters here.,So there is no monster to send this。
Because he knows the strength of the light head and the night,Don’t say that it is a ghost.,Even the general dragon geeks,It is also entirely sending food here.。
Although they are now doing more people now,But you can’t give your head.。
Chapter 967 The will of the god being chased
With their geeksZCity sent death,Not as if you want to concentrate your strength in other towns,After that, some people solved other cities,Centralized blow in a toneZcity。
And fact proves,Black essence is still quite effective,Although other cities are slightly resistant,But after they sent a lot of dragon geeks in their monsters.,Instantly became the last straw of the championship。
The major cities that have been attacked by geeks,Also connected in the ravage of the dragon-level geeks。
Even the hero associationAcity,This time I received a key care.,Under dozens of dragon geeks,Heroes Association cannot resist。
The strongest security equipment to get rid of the metal knight before,In front of the dragon,There is not much difference with the tofu block.。
The destroyed hero association,Most high levels can only be protected,Severally selected to withdraw to the last line of defenseZcity。
AAfter being destroyed,The black sperm with the monsters, all the cadres who came to the Hero Association, celebrated,On the one hand, it is to hit human face.,On the one hand, it is for the thigh to give them.“God’s will”Look。
But black sperm is not known,Now their thighs don’t have time to see their performances.,Because he is now self-satisfied now.。
After destroying the machine god,Night, I finally didn’t give up chasing“God’s will”,Because he knew that the monsters were just a jealous。
Even if this time is solved in black sperm,As long as the will of God is still,You can support a group of powerful geeks。
So I want to die for all.,Still solving from the source。
As for the weirdo association,Night, believe in the strength of today’s dragon volume,Plus the bald head,The impact of the monsters should not be a problem。