Hao Peng is shocked,She actually in her own words。

His elegant explanation:“Although the media has not reported,But as industry insiders still know。”
Blue and blue laugh:“Yes,Other person’s heart,Let you know this matter,It seems that your ability can not be underestimated.。
I am leaving。”
Blue Xin filed your own bag,Go outside。
“Xinxin,I said that I won’t hurt you.。”
Hao Peng sat on the stool and said。
Blue Xin pauses:“I believe you will not hurt me.,But you will hurt people around me.。”
Blue Xin said this sentence,No residence left。
Hao Pengjing sat in the window,Take a short while,I saw Blue Xin’s voice appeared downstairs.。
Now back,So so confident,Her now,Have enough capital to walk in the river.。
Until Blue Xin disappeared in the end of the phoenix tree,Hao Peng was slightly blinking for a long time.。
http://www.jinxingrq.cn He lows,Looking at the remaining half bowl tomato egg noodles。
Some fate,I missed it, I missed it.。
Some fate missed,There is no way to return to the origin.。
The cold and not talking,An An quiet sitting in the corner reading Xinxin,It is the best memories in this life.。
He gets up,Looking at the sky in the river,Mood is very complicated。
He went out of his face.,Eyebrows。
Lu Haoheng and the right to work after the job work,Specially came over to see Lin Ye。
Aspect in a cafe。
Lin Ye has a ready-made information。
He is a suit,No coat,Frozen is not light。
Sitting in front of Lu Hao Cheng,He quickly ended his coffee and drunk a bite.:“Cold!”
Play a chill。
Lu Haozheng,I am full of wiki:“Do you know such a cold day??”
Lin Ye looked helplessly:“Do you think I am http://www.maidikuai.cn so idle like you??
Do my job,I can find the news you want around you.,This is not,I just rushed here from there.,As a result, the outer cover is there.。”
Right Jack is concerned about:“Do you want me to go to buy a jacket??”
Lin Ye smiled:“Controversy,forget it,I have to bother you to run.,The thing here is over,I will get off work today.,Not so cold in the car。”
Lin Yen said,Take out your own information。
“This is the information of Song Yisi,She has two mobile phones,There is a mobile phone only contacts a number,But this number is not registered with your ID card.,I can’t find the other person’s information,But two people are closely related,I have touched their call records.,Discovering these call records are for your husband and wife。”
“Can now be affirmation,More people who have made a gossip are Song http://www.sytkyl.cn Yisi and people who call Song Yisi.。”
Lu Hao nodded:“Now how is her case??”
Lin Shuoxia:“I still remember the suspect after blue-blue things.,Later, isn’t it dead??”
Lu Haoge still nodded。
“That suspect was originally taken,But after his exposure,It is dead directly.,this matter,Song Yisi became the number one suspect,The police have filed the case。”