He lick his mouth and continued:“Prescribe10minute,You will restore your autonomous rhythm.。”

ICUDoctor on duty Xu Wei and Zhou Jiwu are also a little.,After all, Lin Ping Hospital is too small.,Some anxious in a few months。
Xu Wei looked at this a little thin teenager in front of him.,Suddenly I don’t know him.。
Still remember,When I was just coming in Wino,Although it is comparable to the peers,But in fact, there is still a bit crash.,I don’t know if I have a little in an emergency.……
“Eat in the evening.!”Zhou Ye is looking forward to。
at this time,Everyone looked at the orderless waveforms in electrocardiography.,I have a long breath.。
Zhou Niwu,Also immediately evaluated Xu Tianfu,Bilateral pupils have shrunk,Not expand,This is a good thing。
If the rescue is unsuccessful,The patient’s pupil will be large。
The pupil of death is fixed by the patient.,Take a look at blood pressure,At this time, the blood pressure is high.,190/110Hg!
It is estimated that adrenaline is used。
Time is a little bit。
Xu Tianfu is still in a coma。
The first aid chamber has only left Wino I.、Chen Riyuan、Li Royi His Sister。
“How to Xu Tianfu still wakes up??”Zhou Ye is very confused。
Press to say that this is awake.。
Everyone has some doubts,But you can’t identify specific reasons.。
Four people exchange http://www.huioumen.cn details,Zhou Ye is responsible for providing detailed medical history,From Xu Tianfu, sent to the rescue room,Includes all drugs and first aid measures used by Zhou Niwu before him before him。
Discussion,Do you still have to determine the cause of the patient suddenly arrest.。
“May be myocardial infarction,Or brain bleeding。”Chen Riyuan face。
In order to exclude myocardial infarction,Chen Riyuan looked at Zhou Ye to make an electrocardiogram again to the elderly.。
This time, the ECG, Zhou Ye, is very serious.,He hopes to draw conclusions from the ECG.。
But still did not find obvious、Typical heart infarction pattern
“Is it talking to the family??”Chen Riyuan suddenly asked。
Zhou Ye I thought……
“Forget this!”He took the head,I quickly walked out of the guardroom to contact Xu Tianfu’s son.。
http://www.guang618.cn Overseas,Front of the corridor。
unconsciously,It’s been late at this time.,I think of I have yet to eat yet.,Zhou Ye I touched the stomach,Swallow。
This is probably a doctor’s fate.。
After phone call,Waiting for a long wait。
Xu Tianfu’s son is also finally arrived.。