Since leaving Lotus Village,He feels that Li Cuihua has experienced a lot.。

“Cuihua sister,Before you are still here?”
My sister, my body is so good.,It’s so beautiful, is it not very normal??
If it is not being ignored, it is not normal.?”
While talking,Li Cuihua is also two glasses of ice beer.。
Although not yet arrived in summer,But at this time, I feel very cool at this time.。
“Hey-hey,I have heard that the company has signed an annual annual company.,How can I come here to find a chance??
And listen to the boss,You seem to have a long time here.,It’s very familiar with these people.。”
“Before my sister is not”I haven’t finished it yet.,Li Cuihua is stunned.。
“Hey-hey,Li Yingying,I didn’t expect you to come back.?
I said before I said.,You dare to come back,Laozi is 100% receiving you.,This time I will be gentle to you.。”
I heard this,Li Hui Feng also frowned。
Immediately turn around,Look at people who speak not far from。
Chapter 1,06
The other party is long, it is very,But the knife on the face, the feeling of the first eyes, the feeling of the eyes, is not daring to。
Several youths around you are also handsome。
Even the body feels some models.。
This kind of long-in-one body gives people the first feeling is a good feeling.。
However, the eyes of the opponent’s eyes, there is a mouthful of mouth, but the good feeling of all the good feelings of the appearance is destroyed.。
“Boy,Didn’t you see me??
Don’t give Laozi a place?
Cao Nima!”
Say,For the convenience, a slap is directly facing Li Hui’s head.。
He originally thinking about the head of Li with the wind and then seeing blood.。
After all, he wants to make Li Cuihua for a long time.,The result failed,Now I saw that Li Cuihua has a man.,The first time is to think about the man directly to clean up this man.。
This palm of Peng Yongn is directly hidden by Li.,Then shoot directly on the table。
In an instant, a bamboo chopstick is embarrassed into the back of the palm.,Directly tied the real nail on the table。
The tragic voice sounded directly。
Li Hui is indifferent to eat the barbecue.。
Blood is flowing along the table。
“Trough”I didn’t say it later.,A loud slap is directly。
The youth is directly flying out.。
Several people who have followed the youth also didn’t expect to meet today.。
Li Cuihua originally wants to take Li Hui Rong,But I didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng actually in the emperor is also so fierce.。
“breeze,Let’s hurry.,This is the emperor,We know less people,Very likely to take advantage of。”
“Hey-hey,Cuihua sister,If they don’t marry me,I said that I will definitely.,But today, who wants to dare to come over to find me trouble,I have remembering some lessons in this life.。”
Li Hui said this,Watch another person。