28Old woman,already2A child’s mother。
10Ms. Tianzhu began to heat up,Unknown reason,Along with slight pephallosis,I just thought it was a cold.,I bought a cold medicine in the pharmacy.,But the effect is not good,Have a fever。
Take a shower that day,She discovered a major problem in her body.。
How to have a lump on the left armpit,Very obvious lump,Under the armpit,Hand and touch it,Almost there is a marble size,Round,It is not painful。
Ms. Xiao is very nervous。
Listen to people,Swap in the body,Be careful may be a tumor。
Army,Then confirmed the tumor、Infectious diseases,And this example is quite a little,There have been several times in my chapter.。
Ms. Xiao discovered the axillary mass,I will contact the local hospital to do a doctor.,Directly handled admission procedures。
high speed。
Doctors are also highly vigilant in the face of axillary lumps.,Because this laminate without pain is the most horror,Most are not good things。Such as lymphoma,Lymphoma usually has painless lymphadenopathy,This swollen lymph node is like a lump.。in addition,Impour – dial metastasis of some malignant tumors,There is also a painless mass formed.。Such as breast cancer armpit metastasis。
I think of these possibilities,No one will be easy。
I will arrange it immediately.。
First make a chest armpitCT,See the nature of this axillary mass。Because doctors are worried about lymphoma,By the way, put the belly cavityCTHave done together,Because lymphoma is a systemic disease,All body has lymph nodes and lymphatic organizations,Tumors may infiltrate,Especially the abdominal cavity,So the chest and abdomenCTNeed to do it。
CTDo one,I have discovered a problem.,In addition to the axillary lymph node,Chest、The swelling of the mediastinia is also a lot of lymph nodes.。Abdominal cavity?Abdominal cavity?Ms. Xiao is very worried about。
I have seen some abnormalities in the abdominal cavity.,Some intestinal mucosa has thickening,If considering is a lymphoma,May have lymphoma infiltration。Doctor explains。But it is still not clear now.,To further check。
Further pathological examination,Can you be clear that lymphoma,It’s all guess now.。
Ms. Xiao is nervous.,The doctor said that the pathological examination is to cut the axillary lymph node.,Take it back to test。She really wants to do this pathological examination,Because the hope is good,Denative lymphoma diagnosis。But she dare not do,Fear is really lymphoma,Then she may crash。Her friends have one or two lymphoma friends,End is very bleak。
do it,I am afraid that I am afraid.,It is always necessary to face。Ms. Xiao finally did decision。
Sign a word,Inside the operating room,Anesthesia,The surgeon took the swelling lymphatic lymph of the left side of Xiao.,Send a medical science examination。
Then it is waiting for the result.。
Doctor tells women,Not necessarily lymphoma,There may be other chronic infections。Such as tuberculosis infection,There will be fever、Lymphoid soda。
Although the doctor said it,But he does not believe it is a tuberculosis.,More than the lymphoma。But speaking, try to include all possible,Can’t tell me。and,I haven’t diagnosed it every day to tell the patient is lymphoma.,Increase the burden of others,This is not the doctor。
Ms. Xiao’s husband has come,The two children came again.,The child is still small,I don’t know what happened.,Are playing very naughty。
Ms. Xiao, but I can’t laugh.。
There was a result.。
DiffuseBCell lymphoma。
This is a very common lymphoma。Tens of types of lymphoma,This is just one of them.。
Doctor contacts blood internal medicine,Turning blood internal medicine further treatment。After all, lymphoma is a blood system disease.。
Ms. Xiao knows the result,Ignore the gods in an instant,Brain,I can’t hear the doctor in explaining the treatment and prognosis of this disease with her.。
The doctor said,This is a lymphoma,But still have the opportunity to relieve after treatment,It can be easily considered to have50The opportunity can control very well,Does not affect life and work learning。