Palm down!

Turned into a phantom like a vast and majestic mountain,Also cover millions of miles around—The vast ocean of black mud,Direct destruction。
“what?!”Feel the surrounding area of black mud that assists itself being crushed directly,A domain restraint acts on oneself,The eight-armed sword puppet and the thunderfire puppet who are responsible for the frontal kill have changed their faces。
Two muffled noises。
Li Ming made three heads and six arms,Just an attack,Repelled the two master puppets of the holy city。
“Four,I think you should surrender to me!”
Li Ming steps forward,Amazing body。
Thirteen flags surround the body,Form a cloud,Thunder flashes around,Blocked the five-color chain。
And his body has been elevated out of thin air,Supernatural powers in the body《Five Cloud Lotus》Made his divine power soar。
Full blow,Bang directly—-King Kong puppet。
This King Kong puppet,Best at restraint,Also most restricts his power explosion,So even the King Kong puppet is the first to deal with。
King Kong puppets also know their weaknesses。Colorful chain back defense,As if a huge cocoon protects itself。
However, I saw Li Ming’s six arms easily pass through the holes of the chain,One finger penetrates the body of the emperor puppet。
This King Kong puppet,After all, it was the bodies of other puppets who absorbed the bodies of other puppets and repaired them after killing them with a single blow.,The material is no better than the puppet that protects people。