Xiao Bai was also surprised,Is it possible that this sepak takraw can only be bitten open with teeth a little bit?
Then you have to pluck all the fruits of the enlightenment here,The teeth have to be ground as smooth as pebbles。
“You~~~”Xiao Bai called,Call Zhu Minglang to find a way。
Brainstorming,Or leave it to the master。
“Your ice is not crispy, these sepak takraw balls?”Zhu Minglang is also a bit difficult。
No wonder those lost dragons stayed here for a long time,There are only a few who really eat the fruit of Judemo。
Xiao Bai said,I should be responsible for hunting the dragon,Jude Mo Fruit,I wish Minglang find a way。
“Row,You try to kill these sang dragons that have not yet acquired the magic shadow,I called Qingzhuo over。”Zhu Minglang said。
First282chapter Does the sword have lungs??
The fruit of enlightenment is harder to obtain than imagined,Before these lost dragons are not willing to give up these fruits of enlightenment,I have to get these treasures away as soon as possible。
A piercing cry came from the top of the cliff。