“After all, your sister, this girl, I like Li Hui, the boy.,Just didn’t think so many years have never changed the taste.,This time you either let Xiao Li promised to come with your sister.,Either break your sister’s mind。”

I heard Xu Lai Fu.,Xu Tianci is completely difficult。
“dad,I feel that I can’t work.!”
Chapter 113
Why can’t it??
You can’t do this,Don’t you say this??
Then where your sister’s face is?
Where is this old face??”
See Xu Laifu’s eyes like the light bulb,Xu Tianci is also speechless。
“dad,I am still an old bachelor.,I don’t understand these things.,I have known yours, you also know,Basically, don’t talk about any feelings,If you let me help,I may give Xiao Li Xia drug,Then with the little girl,But then we are not too much.。”
“you dare!What is the following medicine?,Anyway, you give you a sister to explore the wind.,By the way, Li Hui is with his girlfriend.,Have no points?
If not divided,You just wonder it.,The last time your sister came back,Secretly go to Li with the wind,If I am worried, she can’t think of it.,I have directly grabbed Li Hui’s kid.。”
Xu Laofu said this is also a look of hate the iron inherent steel.。
“Forehead,That’s good feeling.?
In case a little girl, I like him.,Just think that he has a girlfriend to be together??
How do we manage this kind of thing??”
“impossible,How is your little girl so beautiful, how can you be willing to do this small three?!”
Xu Tianci has heard too much such thing in prison.,He is even numb。
And now the thinking of young people,Especially in the big city,He feels that it is not a man who is two women.。
He even heard that there is such a club that can exchange a wife in the big city.。
Both my little girl wants to like a man with a girlfriend,If it is,Xu Tianci said what will stop,But now he is amazing, there is no such thing as you want to stop.。
“dad,Don’t forget that Li Hui is also very good.,Especially Li Hui is still the kind of look,Plus my little girl is following the behind him.,You said that this is really like it.,You have nothing,Right?”
“Then there is still a matter of failing to pay attention to her.?
This is not cheaper, Li Hui, the boy?”
Xu Laifu has some speechless look at his son.。
Think of Xu Yingying’s character,If you really have a heart, you’ll like Li Hui,Iron my heart is with Li Hui with the wind.,He really doesn’t have any good way.。
“Not buying a way,There is also a way,That is, Li Hui’s little girl,Then other women are small three。”
“Yup,I didn’t expect this.?
Can,Indeed,The key is that Li Shouye does not nod.,I have found Li Hui, who dad, I have died, I have been drinking.,Indiscriminately。”
“dad,This is still looking at Li Hui,I will ask what happens to ask this matter.,I have to understand that I will say anything.。”