After all, do it this line.,I can find it if I have checked it.。

“Hey-hey,Yup,Do not report to you continue to group to lie to me?”
Li Hui’s words just finished,Song Ting also took people to come over。
See Liu Jiashan and Xu Qiang,Directly with Li Hui Feng confirmed,Then take someone。
“sister in law,You will go here.?
I still want to ask you to eat at noon.!”
“Row,Change,I am going to deal with official work now.,I heard that your apple is familiar.,Remember to leave me a few,Let your big brother give you money.。”
One heard this,Li Hui is also hilarious.。
“no problem,But the nephew will not pay for me.,Too much。”
“Gigate,I see,That takes people first.。”
Want Song Ting,Zhao Xiaoli is also a little confused。
“This nephew is so young,So beautiful.,Will not be interested in you??”
“Forehead,what are you thinking?
People love with my husband.!”
Li Hui does not know what Zhao Xiaoli thinks.。
And Xu Qiang and Liu Jiashan heard that Li Hui Feng called Song Ting’s nephew.,Originally thought of a big chance to die,It seems that it is a bit chance.。
Li Hui has not continued to pay attention to the two things.,He believes that Song Ting will certainly solve this matter.。
After all, Song Ting is so just that,But in the eyes of the sand.。
If the two, if he is not committed, he is also recognized.,But the means of the two,But it is not like a matter of being.。
Back to the mountain,He began to prepare things to go to the city.。
My father is also started to help the chicken farm.,Of course, this chicken farm with ordinary chicken farm is different.。
The surrounding all iron wire is stopped,And the area is very broad。
Don’t say thousands of chicken ducks,That is, tens of thousands feel that it is very common.。
Even Yang Li is alone, it is good at getting a few hundred square meters of water.,Designed for chicken duck goose bath,River。
And the location of the water is very close to the artificial lake.,Once the artificial lake is built,Can be drawn from the location of artificial lake,Turn a dead water into live water。
Li Shouye and Wang Jing’s residence also selected a three-story branch,Decoration style is also an ancient decoration style,But that is, this style is to let Wang Jing have like Li Shouye like.。
They have a kind of back to the previous feelings。
This time,Wang Jing is always not idle,Constantly learning,The same is also constantly listening to talents on pure water.。
She doesn’t know what she knows.,This thing Li speaks with the wind and the rushing double boat has been discounted.。
And Ye Shuangzhou is also very good for Li Hui’s ideas.。
After all, Li Ping has a powerful ability to decay.。
He doesn’t believe that Li will look at his parents’ loss.。