“Mahjong boss thinks it’s funny?”

For a while,Mahjong stopped the laughter,“Very ridiculous,do not tell me,You’re eating Lao Tzu’s dry vinegar,I’ve been to too many places,Really few impressed,What do you think Zhou Qiaoer looks like this time,Now I put the photo in front of you,I can’t remember who she is?Unexpectedly, the young man is still a man of temperament,Tut。”
Li Tianchou was taken aback,Obviously I didn’t expect to ask this result,But I felt insulted and aggrieved in my heart,Rich and powerful people naturally play around with women in Fengyue Place,Just forget about it。In the eyes of this gangster, my own question is as funny as Monkey Sun reciting sutras,But since the words have been exported,Simply put it in the end,He is very slow to say every word,“Whether it is ridiculous,Please don’t worry about Zhou Qiao’er again in the future。”
Mahjong threw the handkerchief on the table with laughter,Suddenly looking cold,Raise the gun at Li Tianchou,In the eye,“Little kid,I don’t have the time to listen to your sour words,For your courage,I will leave you a whole body,Don’t be so stunned in your next life。”Just finished,Pulled the trigger,Without hesitation。
“boom”A gunshot,Li Tianchou felt a flash of fire before his eyes,Vertigo,He predicted that Mahjong would turn his face at the same time,Gunshots rang,Too close,Physical condition is also bad,Can’t react at all。And I really didn’t expect Mahjong to shoot at the same time,This person is really cruel,Decisive。
Just a moment,Dizziness disappeared。Li Tianchou felt like he was not shot,In addition to the burn on the face,The rest of the body is fine。He immediately reacted,The bullet in the opponent’s pistol is an empty bullet without a bullet。
But in this moment,Li Tianchou experienced the transient from life to death,Don’t care about taste,I’m already sweating profusely,The sweat pores on the back are all opened。He knows that bullets remove warheads,Low lethality,But at close range,If not handled well,Can hurt。Although it doesn’t matter to be afraid,But it’s so easy to reimburse,Wouldn’t it be so wrong。
“what……Haha”Mahjong laughs,I really laughed out of my tears this time,Happy face is like a red apple。The big guys around also laughed,Hao Biao laughed wildly,The sound is extremely difficult。
Li Tianchou is full of anger at the moment,A deep feeling of being teased fills my head,His right hand droops slightly,Lightly touched the dagger tied inside the calf,Repeatedly calculating with my current physical strength,Can it be a fatal blow to Mahjong。
But another voice in my mind kept admonishing myself to be calm,Even by surprise,Can fight mahjong,But Jiu’s life is gone。I can’t save anyone by running here,Instead put his life in,That is extremely stupid。
Although Mahjong humiliated himself just now,But it also proved from the side that the other party did not really kill,Bear with me。
“Ok,Not bad,The courage and calmness of the little brother surpasses ordinary people。Haha,I’ve played this way twice,They are still small and famous people,guess what?‘boom’After the gunshot,In front of Lao Tzu,One was so scared that he peeed his pants on the spot,Another crazy。Hahaha……”Mahjong unabashedly shows off its own game,I also praised Li Tianchou,I don’t know when,‘Little kid’In his mouth has become‘Little brother’Up。
“Have you played enough?Is this all about mahjong??What I said just now is ridiculous in your eyes,But please also remember。In addition,How can you let my brother go?”Li Tianchou adjusted his mood,Try to be as calm as possible。
Mahjong put a smile away,Squinted again,“I just made fun of you,Your bullshit is just like a gust of wind,It’s over,I don’t care anymore。As for your little brother,It makes Lao Tzu a bit difficult。”