As soon as the car arrives,Liu Ying ran out of the kitchen,Helped Wang Youcai back to the room。Because Liu Ying knew that Wang Youcai was injured,So she takes time,Cleaned Wang Youcai’s room,Even what items on the bed,Liu Ying got all washed。

Once back to the room,Wang Youcai felt different,He laughed and said:“Thank you,Wait for a chance,I’ll pay more!”
Liu Yingyi listen,So happy。She came out to work,Just to make a little more for the family。There are really not many women like her,Stay patiently in the mountains,I face those things in the kitchen every day。Most people don’t have this patience。
“Call me loudly if you have something during the day,If it doesn’t work at night,I come to accompany you,Sleep on the sofa”Liu Ying said,I lowered my head embarrassedly。
Wang Youcai nodded contentedly and said:“Ok,It’s up to you。I brought a lot of food in the car,You sort it out,Don’t waste it”
Liu Ying hurried off when she heard。Wang Youcai hasn’t moved for a long time,It may have been a little longer when I was discharged from the hospital today,He feels very tired now。
So he leaned on the quilt and lay down。Liu Changgui heard that Wang Youcai is back,Ran over to say hello to Wang Youcai。
Two people said few words,Wang Youcai let him go back to the construction site。He was really tired,In the second place, Liu Changgui doesn’t mean anything。Wang Youcai can still let him go down now,One is because he has been with himself for many years,In the second place, Liu Changgui is a manager。
When Wang Youcai lay down,Fell asleep in a daze,I don’t know how long I slept,Suddenly there was a child’s Yiyi babbling,Woke him up。
Yao Chunni sitting on the sofa,She is playing with children。When she saw Wang Youcai woke up,I was a little embarrassed to say:“Woke you up?”
“Nothing,Sleep too much these days,Actually, there is no sleep,Just walked around,Feel a little tired”Wang Youcai said,Sat up。
Yao Chunni glanced out the window,See no one,So he hugged the child and sat on the edge of the bed。Looking at the child in Yao Chunni’s arms,Wang Youcai couldn’t help reaching out,Stroked the child’s tender face lightly。Children are afraid of living,Put your head straight into Yao Chunni’s arms。
Child’s innocence,Fighting for fun, Wang Youcai。He lowered his voice and asked:“I’m not here these days,How are you doing?”
“Okay,Liu Ying sent it all。There is this little guy,I can’t do anything,I don’t have a chance to go to town”Yao Chunni said,Can’t help but take a breath。
Wang Youcai:“Oh”Then asked:“My return,Did Liu Ying tell you??”
“Yes indeed!If it wasn’t for Sister Ying,,How can I know your current situation。how about it?How about I come to take care of you during the day?”Yao Chunni said,I lowered my head embarrassedly。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“no need,It’s hard enough for you to take care of your children。Moreover,I have almost recovered”
Just as they talk,Liu Ying came in with a pot of fish soup,She laughed and said:“Chunni eat some too,The boss can’t finish eating such a pot”
Yao Chunni’s face is crimson,She whispered:“I don’t need it”