The most important in the clan,Still a Dragon Shepherd。

and also,Who is this man??
Zhu Minglang??
Seems to have heard of this name,I wish there was a very good person many years ago。
“She is the wife you met,But have kids?”Zhu Xuehen looked at Nan Lingsha,Seems to be very interested in her magical power。
“????”Nan Lingsha stared with big eyes。
“This is the wife and sister……amount,Is the younger sister of an untimely wife,Nan Lingsha。”Zhu Minglang answered truthfully。
“Report peace when you go home,Let this woman have a child for you,Raise with peace of mind,If you can inherit one of your gods,It can be regarded as making up for the many regrets of our people。”Zhu Xuehen continued。
I think I can save it!
Is it necessary for Auntie to be so disappointed in herself??
Also,She taught herself carefully for so many years,In the end, I didn’t have a trace of the power of God。
Maybe in her heart,I’m already dead,Suddenly appeared on this land,Probably can’t make her feel any waves。
Zhu Xuehen has always been like this,Cold temperament,In her eyes, family affection is just a thread of annoyance cut at will,She only cares about supreme power。
“Aunt Xuehen,I’m still bothering aunt about what I just said。”Zhu Minglang kindly ask。
“I will guarantee that any sect does not take advantage of it by chance,Not killing innocents,This is my job。But the disputes between the land and city-states,Resignation。”
“That’s enough,Thanks aunty。Some time later,My nephew will go back to report safety。”I wish Minglang salute again。
Zhu Xuehen glanced at Nan Lingsha lightly,Finally, he took his eyes back。
The purple dragon man is here,I also looked up seriously and wished Minglang,Then I stayed on Nan Lingsha。
“Mu Long Shi,There are not many Masters of the Dragon Dragon,Have the opportunity to learn from each other again。”Purple dragon man smiling,Said to Zhu Minglang。