So this time is a harvest for each of us,I also hope that next time something like this happens,I can protect them,They can also complete the task smoothly,Don’t worry about me。

No one in this world can hurt me,Don’t worry,Actually you keep worrying me,I’m worried about what happened to you at home。”
Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Four Feel a lot
What Xiao Fan said was Lin Yuner and felt very angry after hearing this,How could there be such a person,Must impose one’s own pain on others。
My misfortune is my misfortune,sometimes,Xiao Fan really can’t understand,Why is there such a selfish person,Don’t worry if you are alone,Why must I put my pain on others?!
Actually, for Lin Yoona,She was not very clear about some things Xiao Fan handled,But no matter what Xia Xiaofan does,She knew she would support Xiao Fan unconditionally,And he believes Xiao Fan will do it well。
No matter what,Everything he does is just,Won’t hurt nature,Not to frame others,Or hurting others, let alone cheating others for money,I don’t impose my pain on others。
So after listening to these words,Actually Lin Yoona herself is very angry,Many people in this world impose their pain on others,But I don’t even know what I did wrong。
People like this shouldn’t stay in this world well,Not to mention that they have their own strength,But do not rely on their own strength to do some good things,And just rely on one’s own strength to do some harm。
To defraud other people’s money,I even feel that what I have done is justified,How can such a person deserve to be forgiven,So everything Xiao Fan did is right,Xiao Fan shouldn’t show mercy to such people。
Maybe they should be forcibly stopped from the beginning to do some bad things,Only then can they really be brought to justice,Can truly atone for what you have done。
Otherwise, everything will be futile for them。This incident is actually not a big deal to Xiao Fan,But the reason why he would solve it by himself。
It’s because he thinks this matter might be better if he comes forward,Besides, he and them are old acquaintances,If you come forward,They might think more about what they did wrong。
How should I choose these things,Instead of doing something wrong over and over again,Only in this way can they really reform themselves,To let the innocent people go,So for Xiao Fan。
It doesn’t matter what he does,The important thing is that what you do can change the lives of others,Can make those innocent people truly rescued,It can make those serious people who have done harming things really punished。