“Will all the ingredients go bad in the red zone??”Carlo thought of a very important question,Asked aloud。

Wang Xian hesitated,Shook his head,Tao:“Not really,But it’s basically the same!so far,There are only two foods in the red zone that will not go bad,Or the seasoning!Like the sesame paste you had in the morning,There is also something called fermented bean curd,Will not deteriorate。The shelf life of other foods basically does not exceed four days。”
“So normal food in the red zone is very expensive,Instead, things that have been corrupted by the red mist are very common。”Carlo concluded。
“You can understand like this!In the red zone,Enjoy normal food,Is a very luxurious thing,Only the top talents are eligible to experience。People like them,I’ll probably eat those ghosts to death!”
Wang Xi’an just finished,Suddenly raised his hand,Just rightly grasped a piece of gravel flying from the opposite side。
He can see six ways with this hand,Listening to all directions makes it quite exciting,Lu Menglin and Liu Guofeng unanimously applauded。
But Liu Guofeng turned his head quickly,I probably don’t want people to think that I have the same thoughts as that surnamed Lu。
Wang Xi’an frowned,Did not wait for him to speak,The shirtless brawny man on the side of the road hurriedly ran forward,Smiled humbly:“Sorry!Sorry!Is an accident!I didn’t control my strength,Disturbed you!Really sorry。”
original,The rubble just now,It was the brawny man who broke down with his head,It just happened to shoot Wang Xi’an。
It seems that Wang Xi’an has quite a place in this city,Others dare not offend easily。
“Forget it!I’ll cut you like this next time!”Wang Xi’an waved his hand,Motioned to let the artisan go away。
I didn’t know that the strong man suddenly fell to his knees,Said repeatedly to Wang Xi’an:“Boss,You do well!Accept me!I have strength,Head still hard,I don’t eat much,Really not much!”
This guy knelt,All the mutants watching the excitement around them all gathered。