Yao Yao wants to laugh but dare not laugh,He knew that after the dark day,Xiang Chen’s body function is deteriorating,But Yao Yao never thought,Xiang Chen will retreat to the point where he can’t avoid being hit by the door。

“Boss, are you okay?”
Help Xiang Chen,Yao Yao’s eyes fell on the seven people who had just entered the door,To be precise, Yao Yao’s eyes fell on the boy who was guarded by six people.。
Who is worthy of the protection of six people who are not defeated by second-level mercenaries?Yao Yao can’t find information that belongs to this person temporarily,But some of the people present,There are quite a few people who know someone。
“Young Master of the Magic Capital Li Family?Why is he here?”
“Does the Li family have business dealings with the Zhu family??”
There was a lot of discussion around,From the noisy discussion,Yao Yao can find valuable information,The one being guarded is the young master of the magic capital Li family。
“Magic Capital Li Family,The richest man in the southeast??”
Yao Yao rubs his chin,As if stuck in some memories。
“Zhu Shao,The young master of the magic capital Li’s family is here for you!”
Xiao Ke looked at the visitor,The older generation may not know what this guy is for,Came all the way from Demon Capital,But as a young man,Xiao Ke is clear,I’m so angry as a beauty!
“Zhu Shao asks for more blessing!”
Xiao Ke mentioned that Young Master Li in this magic capital came for Zhu Zhengkang,Zheng Ziling roughly guessed it was related to Ye Qingtian。
Adhering to the attitude of hanging up on top of everything,Zheng Ziling smiled kindly and headed toward the sun,It was tricky enough at school before,Now there is another Xiao Ke around,Especially this grandson is Xiao Xiaoxiao’s brother,Near the water,Zheng Ziling must be strong first!
“be careful!”
Zheng Ziling walked towards his sister’s wine table,How could Xiao Ke couldn’t guess what idea this guy was fighting in his heart。
Patted Zhu Zhengkang on the shoulder,Xiao Ke chased Zheng Ziling away。
Regarding the departure of Xiao Ke and Zheng Ziling,Zhu Zhengkang is not surprised,Don’t blame。Although the two have business dealings,But after all, it’s not a partner who is the same,The intention of Master Li Family,Zhu Zhengkang also guessed a lot in his heart,The Zheng family and the Xiao family really don’t have to go to their own muddy waters。
Turned to look at his father,But the old man doesn’t seem to care about this,I mean to solve my own problems。
“This can be considered teaching?”