But Chen Geng also found another sign,That’s the post-war reconstruction in Europe.50End of the year and60Those born in the early years,Probably because they haven’t experienced a serious shortage of food and supplies since they can remember,Although these talents just20Early,But compared with their parents and grandparents, they are extraordinarily generous in terms of consumption philosophy.,And have a special admiration for the United States。

Chen Geng’s fleet includes two self-propelled RVs and four Mercedes-Benz’s latest models responsible for security.Slevel:126,Naturally, it’s always the focus,When Chen Geng chatted with local young people,I can often hear their complaints:If you can live in America,This life can be considered contented。
First671chapter Moths
“My findings are the same as yours,”Jack·Welch said to Chen Geng:“I think,Europe now,It’s time to upgrade car consumption,The requirements of young Europeans who have just grown up on cars have been the same as those of their parents.、Grandparents are different,No longer just satisfied with basic transportation needs,They want their car or more comfortable、Or more lenient、Or more sporty,Or more motivated……In short,The old European concept of making civilian cars,It is no longer able to meet the requirements of the new generation of young people for cars,This,Is our chance。”
Chen Geng and Jack·Welch met in Paris, France,Same as Chen Geng,In order to gain insight into European car buying、Car habit,Jack·Welch also personally rushed to Europe to conduct field investigations,Like this kind of business development that is related to the future strategic direction of your company,Jack·Welch only believes what his eyes see。
Chen Geng agrees with Jack·Welch’s judgment,But at the same time,Chen Geng also reminded him:“But after all, Europe is not an extremely developed material supply North America,Their price for the car、Fuel consumption is still very sensitive,In addition,The special traffic environment in Europe makes big cars very troublesome in daily use,A compact car with a hatchback structure、Small cars and station wagons are the mainstream in the European market。”
Jack·Welch pondered for a moment,Some European cities such as Rome、Paris and others have a history of hundreds to thousands of years,When this city was built for hundreds of thousands of years,Obviously people at the time couldn’t think of how well the transportation is now,The width of the road is naturally very limited,In addition, there are often parking spaces on the street,The road that was already very narrow naturally gets more and more cramped,Plus many narrow alleys,So ordinary citizens living in many big cities in Europe,If you drive a long4.8About meters、width1.8A cart around meters,It’s just to find yourself。He finally nodded:“Yes,That’s it。”
While talking,He looked at his boss expectantly。
unfortunately,Chen Geng disappointed him:“I probably already have a few drafts in my mind,But want to make a big hit in Europe,Need more and more detailed investigation and analysis data support。”
“Ok,”Although a little disappointed,But Jack·Welch nodded anyway:“I will submit the information to you as soon as possible。”
“The next negotiation with the Philips Group is left to you,”Chen Geng pats Jack·Welch’s shoulder:“Come on!”
“You next……”
Jack·Welch asked Chen Geng,For Chen Geng’s next trip,He is a little curious。
“I?”Chen Geng gave a wry smile:“I’m going to the UK。”
United Kingdom?
Looking at the helpless boss,Jack·Welch was puzzled:Does the company have any business in Europe?It seems that there is not much business other than a partnership with Cosworth,So what is the reason,Makes the boss so sad?