Everyone in the game hall shook their heads,I thought about this awkward one,The result is not as good as Xiaosiyan!

The pack of soft Chinese cigarettes is within reach of everyone,And this looks so dazzling。
“how?No one is on this?Can’t even beat girls?You guys are too good!”Handsome guy in sportswear smiled。
That muscular man shrugged,Smiled:“All said such a small place,No master。”
Although the conversation between the two did not name them,But the players in the entire game hall sounded dull。
“I come!”Another player who considered himself a master sat next to the girl。
Still win easily,When the girl was playing games,Very focused,As if there is light in the eyes。
“I go,so amazing!Isn’t she tired?Down four。This operation,Thief!”Wang Shaoxiao said with emotion。
The best players in this game hall all went up,They chose various roles,Even if you fight on wheels,I want to beat this girl down,otherwise,Everyone won’t have to mix up,It’s so embarrassing!
Only Lu Menglin knows it,Secretly shook his head,Opponent is too weak,Go up one by one like this,Except for warming up,Feel and confidence are getting better and better,Doesn’t make any sense。
Four masters in a row,Actually, even Athena Asamiya, the first character of the girl’s sister, did not beat,Really speechless。
“Haha!Wheel wars are useless!My sister can fight 30 games in a row,How can you country guys win her。Who else?”Handsome guy in sportswear triumphant,Laugh out loud。
His crazy,Someone was dissatisfied immediately。
“What happened to the country folk?Country folks ate your rice?Isn’t it a broken game?!”Liu Yi jumped up impatiently,Look bad。
Heard someone stabbing,The muscular man snorted coldly,I blocked it with my chest。
“Xu Hong,Don’t make trouble!”From behind came the long voice of the beauty in the peaked cap.。
Seeing no one is willing to end,The beauty in a peaked cap slowly got up,A naughty smile was shown at everyone in the arcade hall。
“You can’t beat me,it’s common!Has anyone practiced it?!”The beauty in the peaked cap smiled heartily。