When Xiang Chen drove his car out of the city center of Wanghai City,After Xiang Chen’s broken sports car,Closely following a mighty locomotive team。

Han Yuxiang closed his eyes again,She is not afraid of all forces that provoke justice,But I don’t know why,By Xiang Chen’s side,All the courage she had once seemed to hide,Only the mentality of a little woman is left for Han Yuxiang。
Xiang Chen feels a bit big,Just the fuel in the hands of the motorcyclists aroundiburniThe bottle caused him a headache,The spirit of Korean Xiang around me seems to be a problem,Good and bad,I don’t know if I will hold back myself。
Think twice,For the safety of my future life,Xiang Chen still feels that some of the next moments,It’s better to sleep in Korean for a while。
Can see,Someone threw another burn to himselfiburnibottle,Xiang Chen slammed the steering wheel,Drive the car to the slope on the side of the road。Then the car tilts、Flip,Xiang Chen and Han Yu Xiang in the car can see everything spinning around。
Xiang Chen has been paying attention to the situation of Korean Xiang,Take advantage of her not paying attention,Slightly used some tricks to make her pass out。
BurniburniAfter the bottle was smashed,The overflowing flame is not as dazzling as in movies and TV shows,But in real life,This can already ignite the excitement of people around。Plus the rolling of the sports car in front of you,These are only visible in special effects movies,Appear in front of them now。
Accompanied by the roar of locomotives,The locomotives are intertwined into a circle, enclosing the sports car that is already facing upward,The knights on the locomotive kept beating the throttle,The roars are like roaring animals in the wild,Guarding his prey is very excited。
Xiang Chen kicked away the already broken windshield glass,Turned his head and glanced at the unscathed Korean Xiang,Yes, I made sure that the fuel tank of the car was not damaged due to a rollover,I was relieved,Then glance at the speeding party that surrounds itself in the center。
“Want to go to the hospital, right??How long do you plan to stay in?”
Xiang Chen whispered softly,Use your own voice that you can hear。
Chapter 82 Old friend
Han Genji and others took off their headgear,Quietly watching Xiang Chen walking out of the car alone,Due to distance,Han Genji can only see Xiang Chen’s lips moving,But what did Xiang Chen say?,Just don’t know。
The roar of the locomotives around hasn’t stopped,The picture in front of us is enough to make many people’s adrenaline soar,But for Han Genji and others who are used to big scenes,,It just made them slightly excited for a moment。
That throwing fireiburniBottle rider posing as a winner,And as a hunter who succeeded in this hunt,Of course he got compliments from others around him。
In the eyes of the Speeding Party,Whether it is Xiang Chen who walked outside the car,Korean Xiang who is still in a coma in the car,These two people are their prey tonight;For Xiang Chen,Glance around,Anyone who enters the eye is equivalent to entering his own trap,Unless it’s an ambulance,Otherwise, none of them can escape!
“I have a lot of fun tonight!But it’s already so big,You must never do things like kneeling down and begging for mercy!That would be too disappointing!”