“After killing Xiangyou,,I haven’t seen him。”

Xiang Chen’s low voice,In Momo,It’s like a carnivore staring at its prey,Just wait for one chance,Will rush to kill the prey。
Mo Mo has enough reason to believe,Just give Xiang Chen a chance,Xiang Chen will definitely make the person who Xiang You died because of him regret coming to this world。
“If you find the latitude and longitude,No matter where he hides,Remember to count me!”
Compared to curious about how the latitude and longitude escaped everyone’s investigation,Mo Mo naturally prefers the feeling of being an enemy。
syppw.“Over the years, I have tried to find the whereabouts of Jingwei through my own relationship channels,Unfortunately on the Internet,Can’t find any trace of this person,It’s as if the world has evaporated。”Mo Mo sighed,I haven’t found anyone’s news for so long.,As the eyes and ears of the team,Mo Mo is quite ashamed。
“Source you are strong,But when it comes to tracking, old drunks are better,He didn’t find anyone,What can we do?”
Xiang Chen sighed,But there is no indifferent expression in his eyes。
“Where’s your tiger soul?Did you bring it?”
I don’t plan to waste too much time on Xiang Chen’s heart knot,Mo Mo tried to change the subject。
Exit the safe passage of the airport,Xiang Chen just raised his leg,Then a beautiful dagger appeared in Xiang Chen’s hands。
yoky. Mo Mo didn’t know how Xiang Chen brought Tiger Soul on the plane and back down,After all, this is what Xiang Chen is good at,Just show yourself the tiger spirit unscrupulously at the airport,Mo Mo is still a little envious of the flower work in Xiang Chen’s hand。
Mo Mo believes that besides himself,No one in the airport can see the true face of Tiger Soul,Even though the surrounding area is full of surveillance,is also like this。
Watching the tiger soul appear in Xiang Chen’s hands,Mo Mo is still the same as when he first met Xiang Chen,I feel it’s a pity that these hands don’t do magic!
Tiger Soul suddenly disappeared in Xiang Chen’s hands,Mo Mo was taken aback,Then I looked up and saw a young man。
Madu Airport,All the tourists walk around the young man,Mo Mo casually fiddled with his tablet,All kinds of information about Li Tianxing are rapidly emerging on it。
Li Tianxing has been standing at the Magic City Airport for a long time,When he saw Mo Mo,The throbbing in my heart is like turning over the river,But when Li Tianxing saw Xiang Chen again,All the evil thoughts about Mo Mo,Turned into torrential anger。
“Really didn’t expect,You dare to come to the magic city!”