After all, the company’s projects have been busy recently,And yesterday I received a call saying that Shen Lin and Su Ran were planning to return tomorrow。

Bring him back by the way,When Gu Jin comes to the base to pick up the small rice cakes。
Fan because I have something to do recently,So maybe I can’t take care of the rice cakes,Besides, if the little nian gao stays in the villa for a long time,,Also miss home。
In this case, Shen Lin and Su Ran will be back tomorrow,Can accept a lot of work,Chu Yao and Yiming can also relax。
What’s more, Chu Yao is also on a more difficult task now,So she is relatively relaxed,It is safer for her to complete the task。
It is also better to ensure the smooth completion of this task,Although Chu Yao will do it seriously even if there are other tasks,But not the same。
Xiao Fan feels that sometimes she can’t make her too tired,Yiming thinks so too,Especially when I saw that Chu Yao’s identity as a young intern was being pointed out,Buy things and bring tea and water,You won’t be angry at the first call。
But he can’t do anything,Because the two of them must avoid suspicion,Don’t let people in the company know that Chu Yao is related to the upper management。
Therefore, Chu Yao’s hard work, performance, diligence and instructions are all part of her mission.。
Xiao Fan is very satisfied,Because what Chu Yao did in this respect was really nothing to say to Xiao Fan,It can be said to be perfect。
Chu Yao knows how to manage relationships,How can people think that she is an intern,Is to enter this company innocently。
I came here to work with my own qualifications and my own efforts,No one suspicious。
Including the spy,The other eyeliners reported to Xiao Fan,That person is still doing it normally recently,To spy on some company information normally,So I didn’t notice Chu Yao at all。
To be honest, Xiao Fan’s head office will bring in many new people every day,Because the company is growing and needs people to come in constantly,Also need to keep people out。
If you can’t,Then you will bepassDrop,This kind of competition is very fierce, so it’s no wonder that sometimes the person can’t see clearly or hasn’t been together for a few days, the person disappears.。
Over time, everyone gets used to it,Everyone cares about such a humble intern。