Dipped in water,Lan Youmeng placed another order on the table in front of Xiang Chen,Then wipe off,Then he whispered to Xiang Chen:“He appeared in Heguo two days before you,But our people are lost,Then you appeared in high profile,This makes many people doubt,Are you covering them。”

Lan Youmeng looked at Xiang Chen seriously,At least when talking about it,She wants to maintain the seriousness on her face。
“After you came,He seems to have disappeared out of thin air,Plus the relationship between you and your previous reputation,Many people have to worry!”
Gently point the trace that was wiped away by yourself,Lan Youmeng looked at Xiang Chen and asked:“I believe you will not lie to me,But I need a truth,You come and country,What is it for?”
“Participate in a ceremony,Then let my brother Ye’s sister receive an award as much as possible,Finally go back and continue to enjoy my retirement。”
Xiang Chen answered seriously。
“Even if Lagon is here,You don’t want to do it once and for all,Forever?”
Lan Youmeng was a little tempted to Xiang Chen’s questioning voice,The look in Xiang Chen’s eyes is also affectionate。
“If you want to kill Lagon,Without affecting work and business,I will definitely help you!”
“If it’s not necessary this time,I am not going to kill him。”
Xiang Chen answered decisively,Then when I looked at Lan Youmeng,The momentum is also wilting:“There are too many weaknesses this time,It’s best to be able to well water without breaking the river,I just want Brother Ye’s sister after receiving the award,Send her back to China safely。”
Xiang Chen couldn’t help rubbing his face,The voice is also a bit tired。
“Don’t pretend!There are things you are afraid of?”
Lan Youmeng’s eyes narrowed,I don’t believe in Xiang Chen very much。
“Talking to you is boring,Or Augustus is better,Really can’t do,Still have a fight。”
Xiang Chen sighed,But Lan Youmeng didn’t plan to let him go,Continue to get up and look at Xiang Chen intimately and say:“If you are willing,It’s okay to hit me!”
“stay away from me,Thank you!”
Xiang Chen’s facial expression became dull,When looking at Lan Youmeng,The meaning expressed in the air is like rejecting people thousands of miles away。
“You are in China,Isn’t it sweet with that little schoolboy??Planning to get married?”
Xiang Chen’s indifferent tone did not make Lan Youmeng farther away from him,Instead, it had the opposite effect。