If this is an average boy,Met this old face,I’m not in the mood to say anything。

time、location、The characters are wrong!
But Lu Menglin was calm,Later generations of him,I have experienced the white faces of unknown customers,Used to it,The old man’s expression is really nothing。
And he believed Jiang Jinghong,Although Xiao Nizi is naughty,But it will never be someone who can’t tell the importance,He brought himself to find this old porter,Naturally has his reason。
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text Chapter One Hundred and Forty Seven Business negotiation
? “Grandpa Sun,Let me tell you a little bit。I am going to participateEOVWorld Fighting Game Contest,Win a championship back。So I want to find a domestic sponsor,I use the popularity of the competition during my game,Advertise for the brand。”Lu Menglin speaks eloquently。
“Wood heard,Not clear。”Old man Sun said nothing,Come up,Stubbornly dumped two sentences,Six words。
Attitude of this old man,It’s just the same thing!Lu Menglin was stunned when he heard this,I quickly thought about how to organize the language,Let the old man understand what he meant。
Don’t know,But the old man spoke again。
“Young man,What do you want so much money for?Marry a wife??”When the old man talks,Deliberately glanced at Jiang Jinghong by the door,So embarrassed that she stomped her foot,Turned away quickly。
“My grandma is sick,Need a kidney transplant。”Lu Menglin answered calmly。