A spoiled woman is the best,Yangliu knows current affairs well,Never face him,Soft voice,Proactively threw himself into the arms of a man,Small hands around the man’s neck,Cheek to cheek,Rub and rub。

“Husband gave me more surprises today,My wife is still in the clouds,Don’t know what to say,You adults have a lot,Don’t be familiar with little women。”
Huo Yunhe likes Yangliu acting like a baby most,Don’t care what the purpose is,this moment,He enjoys it。
Squinting at the little woman in her arms,“is it?But why do I think your tail is up to the sky??”
“Does anyone have a tail??”Willow pouted,Keep acting,“If there is one,Can husband still want me?”
The little woman’s body is too soft,Plus her deliberate friction,Huo Yunhe can’t control it anymore,The big hands get harder without realizing it,Head down slightly,I’m going to press on my delicate lips。
Yangliu knows everything about men,I wish he had a look,She knew what he was doing。
Hurriedly turned his head,The man’s kiss fell on her cheek,Caused his dissatisfaction。
“Husband,Listen to me,Grandma asked us to go home for dinner just now,Don’t kiss me?Did you hear me talking??Husband,Husband?”
The man’s actions become presumptuous,Yangliu is in a hurry,Push hard,The Huo family is still waiting for them to go back,She can’t refuse because of love。
If Huo Yunhe is dragged to the apartment,Delay going back,I can use my toes to know what they are doing,He has no face and no skin,She still has to leave a good impression。
Huo Yunhe scared her at first,Let her dare to talk back next time?Who knows that the little woman pounced on her own,That delicate body,Soft tone,If he doesn’t react,She should cry,Humph!
Bit her hard on her lips,“Teasing you,I know how important your husband is,Time is a bit tight now,Can’t make fun,At night,Husband must feed you tonight。”
It’s scary to drive a meaty man,Like a hairy boy,Just be with her,I was thinking about that thing,Don’t know temperance at all,She’s really afraid that one day he will die!