Guangxi Fucai has achieved obvious effect on the study and education of the party history of Emotional Practice in Guangxi

In 2021, Guangxi Fucai adhered to the development of the party building and attracted Fucai business, firmly established the political consciousness of "Fucai’s cause is the cause of the party, and the Fucai Center is a political organs". , Grasp "real", grasp "deep", focus on doing "I do practical things for the masses", show the responsibility of the service stations of the Fucai system, the service of the lottery, and the society. The work was fully affirmed by the third tour guidance group of the Party History and Education of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region. In terms of service betting stations, timely guide the betting station to carry out the prevention and control of the epidemic, effectively ensure the normal business of more than 5,300 betting stations in the region; standardized construction subsidies for more than 450 new betting stations in 2020-2021, and the highest subsidy for each station for each station is specially operated. 6,400 yuan, a subsidy of 2,400 yuan per station, and subsidy for nearly 1.5 million yuan; deepen the "decentralized service" reform of channels, complete the work of "run once" service sites, reduce the threshold for various businesses of the site, and simplify procedures.

In terms of service buyers, the "Measures for the Management Measures for the Computer Lottery of the Guangxi Welfare Lottery Issuance Center (Trial)" will be introduced to provide "one -stop" console service; Communicate the bridge, conveniently handle all kinds of consultation, complaints, and return to visit; organize lottery buyers to participate in the "approachable double -color ball" and "approach scraping music" activities, understand the knowledge of Fucai, and experience the culture of Fucai.

In terms of service society, the eighth and ninth seasons "Fucai Love · Student Dream" assistance activities will be carried out to include the fact that no one cares for children into the scope of the activity. I will do practical activities for the masses "Practice" Excellent Grassroots Case Selection Excellence Award; jointly carry out the "Rural Revitalization Qizhi Project · Bayi Charity Care Library" activity, assist in the construction of 10 rural libraries; arrange infrastructure construction expenses 200,000 yuan , Help the rural revitalization work in Xilin County, comprehensively establish the brand image of the welfare lottery national public welfare lottery, the image of "public welfare, sunlight, and responsibility" is more popular. (Liang Jinghao) Source: Guangxi Fucai (Responsible Editor: Pang Guanhua, Chen Libing) Share let more people see it.