Painted a new picture of rural revitalization -the work tour of the rural revitalization of Xichuan County

Original title: Draw a new picture of rural rejuvenation -the rural revitalization work tour of Xichuan County "The old man has chicken gangsters, invited me to the Tian family.

Tree edge of the village together, Aoyama Guo oblique."Today, a poetic beautiful rural scroll is spreading slowly in the land of Xichuan. The farmhouse is quiet and warm, the rural roads are smooth and convenient, the quality of the people’s industries will be improved, and the depths of the fields are vibrant …The county insisted on implementing the rural revitalization strategy as the general starting point of the "agriculture and rural" work in the new era. On the basis of consolidating and expanding the results of poverty alleviation, accelerating the modernization of agricultural and rural areas, harvesting of food production for many years, steadily promoting the construction of the industrial chain, and the construction of village construction moreBright, farmers’ income continued to increase, and rural revitalization was full of vitality.

The safety of food is guaranteed to plant a piece of millet in spring, and 10,000 pieces are harvested in autumn. Recently, in Lijia Village, Dangyuan Town, Xichuan County, it can be seen that the coating of a ridge has covered the farmland with silver, shining under the sun, outlined a charming rural scenery map.

"I planted 15 acres of land corn last year with income of more than 30,000 yuan.

"Li Yuangui, the masses, calculated a detailed account." This year was planted for 18 acres. According to the calculation of 1,000 kilograms per mu, the unit price was calculated per kilogram, it could sell more than 40,000 yuan, which was enough for the whole family to spend a year.

"" There are food in the family, don’t panic in your heart. "Grain production is a major issue of people’s livelihood.

In recent years, the county has always maintained the goal of maintaining the stable development of food, and the strength of firm grasping grain work has not been relaxed. In accordance with the work ideas of "steady area, regulation of structures, attacks, and promoting total production" , Solidly promote the rectification of wasteland and the clean -up of greenhouse houses, highlighting projects such as high standard farmland construction, cultivation of cultivated land, improvement of cultivated land land, and high -efficiency water -saving irrigation.

Since the "Thirteenth Five -Year Plan", the county has established a total of 10,000 acres of high -standard farmland, the total power of agricultural machinery has reached 10,000 kilowatts, and the comprehensive mechanization rate of grain crop farming has reached%, and a total of 100 million yuan of benefit farmers have been paid.

In 2021, the county’s grain sowing area was 10,000 acres, with a total production of 10,000 tons, an increase of 10,000 tons from the previous year, an increase of%, and the grain output reached a record high.

This spring, the county fully implemented spring management measures such as suppressing rakes, weeding and topdressing. The wheat seedlings are generally good, grabbing the top of the top, implementing 230,000 acres of drought agriculture, completing the wasteland rectification of 10,000 acres, retreating and cleaning seedlings. Poward the land, carry the political responsibility of food safety, and keep the bottom line of food safety.

New hope from the industrial chain in mid -April, the "Tianshan Snow Jade" melon in Xifeng Town, Xichuan County was launched, and was widely favored. It can be seen in the greenhouse of the grower Wen Xiaojun in Zaolinzi Village that the sweet melon with smooth fruit noodles and fragrant aroma fell on the vines. The 65 -year -old Wen Xiaojun was busy picking mature picking. He said: "This year’s sufficient light, suitable temperature, and convenient pouring. The opening time can be about 10 days earlier than in previous years. Such as honey. Spring blooming is also a good time for beef cattle to catch up. Wu Zhonghong, the masses of Wujia Village, Honghe Township, has been busy these days, and his beef cattle ushered in the breeding period.

With the birth of the five calfs, he has a stronger motivation to raise cattle.

"Now the bull barn has reached 40 heads. In order to ensure that the Red Bull forage is sufficient, more than 70 acres of forage corn has been planted.

"Wu Zhonghong said that now the policy is good, and the sales do not need to worry. It is necessary to drive the surrounding people to raise cattle and make some contributions to the revitalization of the countryside.

Read the "rich scriptures" in the industry, and give birth to new hope for harvest.

The prosperity of the industry determines the quality of rural revitalization. Since 2021, under the leadership of the new county party committee and county government, the county has regarded the prosperity of the industry as the primary task of consolidating the results of poverty alleviation, and determined the goal of increasing the county -level fiscal revenue and expenditure and urban and rural residents. The revitalization strategy is the lead, implementing six major actions, cultivating the "2168" development ideas of the eight industrial chains, creating a new engine for the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside, and the new hope of increasing the income of farmers to increase the income and get rich.

Based on the characteristic and advantageous industries such as Niu Guo Cai and rural tourism, further promote the construction of the industrial system, comprehensively implement the industrial chain long system, continuously expand the industrial scale, fully extend the chain to make up the chain, and promote the high -quality development of the full chain of the leading industry.

Focusing on the core area of ??the Pingliang Red Bull Industry Chain, 48 standardized beef cattle farms were built, and 1,526 farmers were developed. Vigorously implement the "Guard Garden Strong Fruit" operation, build 3,400 acres of orchard, transform 10,000 acres of orchard, and add 1,800 acres of orchard hail network.

Focus on building the National Vegetable Industry Park of the Puxian River, 6 core demonstration areas, 15 facilities and vegetable parks, 96 sunlight greenhouses, and 1353 steel sheds, and 10,000 acres of open field vegetables.

In accordance with the idea of ??"one township, one characteristics, one village, one style, one scene and one charm", the implementation of rural tourism quality upgrades and upgrading operations, differentiated and creating 4 key national rural tourism key villages, making rural tourism a strong village The new kinetic energy of the collective economy and increasing the income of the masses. The beautiful rural areas are all over the April Fang Fei, and the beautiful scenery of the countryside comes into painting.

In the late spring season, when I came to Ximing Township, Xichuan County, I saw various flowers on both sides of the road and the cultural squares blooming, and they became interesting with the clean and tidy rural roads and spacious and bright Minaka houses. "This is the result of the" 543 ‘centralized rectification.

"Bai Ning’an, deputy director of Baijia Village Committee of Li Ming Township, said with a smile that since the rectification of the human settlement environment, the appearance of the village has changed a lot.

The current Baijia Village is red and green, and the scenery is picturesque. Welcome everyone to travel to tourism and leisure sightseeing.

Bai Ning’an’s "543" centralized rectification is the county’s "Cleaning pastoral, cleaning courtyard, cleaning up the village in the village in the village, cleaning abandoned houses and remnant walls, cleaning livestock and poultry manure, governing rural toilets, governing rural areas The main content of rural human settlement environment for garbage, governance villages, governance village roads, enhance the masses’ hygienic habits, enhance rural environmental appearance, and enhance the level of living environment management. " The environment is beautiful, determining the success of the rural revitalization, which is related to the happiness of the people.

In recent years, the county has followed the idea of ??"grasping points, expanding lines, breakthroughs, and overall advancement". It is supported by 16 important nodes in 8 important nodes of the party, Fengtai, and Gao Ping. The upgrade operation has fully completed the establishment of 14 provincial and municipal rural construction demonstration villages. This year, the establishment of a demonstration town in the provincial rural construction of Wangcun Town and the establishment of 17 provincial and municipal demonstration villages including Wangcun Town and Niujiazui Village, Gaoping Town, and coordinated the promotion of 28 villages and villages and villages and villages and villages in 6 towns including the Red River Dragon King Bridge and Luohandong Nanhe Village. Improve infrastructure and improve public services, and make every effort to create a beautiful and ecological and livable village. .