Beijing Haidian Driving School fully does the epidemic prevention and control work

In the past few days, the situation in the Haidian District epidemic prevention and control is severe and complicated. The leaders of Haidian Driving School have maintained high attention to the dynamics of the Beijing epidemic. In order to maintain the difficult and control results of the prevention and control, Haidian Driving School immediately responded and deployed quickly, and held a special office meeting to convey the spirit of superior instructions, mobilizing, re -arrangement, re -supervising the prevention and control work, finding weak links, strengthening responsibilities, strengthening responsibilities Implement and do a good job of prevention and control. For a long time, Haidian Driving School has continued to pay attention to employees’ health and students to learn car safety, organize employees to conduct health checks every year, and carry out rich and diverse amateur cultural activities. Especially since the epidemic occurs, in the re -production and resumption stage, a strict epidemic prevention plan has been formulated, and sufficient preparations are carried out, and strict body temperature test registration work is carried out for import management. Create a safe, healthy, assured, and good car environment for students.

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