Coordinating the governance

  Landscape Forest Lake Grass Sand is a community of life that depends on each other. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "It is necessary to coordinate the governance of landscapes, forests, lakes and sand systems, implement a good ecological protection and restoration project, increase the protection of ecosystems, and improve the stability and sustainability of the ecosystem." It is an important part of Xi Jinping’s thought of ecological civilization. In order to correctly handle the relationship between people and nature, it unswervingly follow the road of ecological priority and green development, and provides a scientific guidance to build a beautiful China.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Naturally the mother of life, man and nature are the community of life", "The lifeblood of a man is in the field, the lifeblood of the field is in water, the lifeblood of the water is in the mountains, the life pulse of the mountain is in the soil, and the life pulse of the soil is in the forestry Grass, this community of life is a material foundation for human survival and development. " Landscapes, forests, lakes and sand are interconnected and influenced by material circulation through energy flows, forming a relatively independent and dependent relationship with each other, and jointly maintaining the normal operation of the earth’s ecosystem.

To do a good job of the integrated protection and system governance of landscapes, forests, lakes, and sand, we must deeply understand and grasp the laws of the construction of ecological civilization, highlight the pursuit of harmonious symbiosis and nature, and start from the integrity of better protection ecosystems. Conditions, follow the principles of "Yicheng is farming, Yilin Zelin, Yicao, grass, wet wet, and deserted, and shall Shasha." Only artificial intervention in the ecosystem in accordance with subjective will; adhere to natural recovery as the main and supplemented by manual repair, comprehensively consider the systemic and completeness of the natural ecosystem, based on the relatively complete natural geographical unit such as rivers and lakes, mountains and mountains, and mountains and mountains. Combined with the division of administrative areas, scientifically carried out ecological protection and restoration.

We must thoroughly implement the idea of ??ecological civilization in Jinping, follow objective laws, adhere to systemic concepts, enhance the correlation and coupling of various measures, and better coordinate the governance of landscapes, forests, lakes and sand systems.

  The governance of coordinating the governance of the landscape, forests, lakes and sand systems must be taken into account, overall policies, and multiple measures to fully consider the impact of human practice activities on the entire natural system and its subsystems. The first is to strengthen the overall protection and consider the elements of natural ecology, mountains and mountains, ground underground, land and oceans, and upstream and left and right shores of the basin, and carry out overall protection, systematic restoration, and comprehensive governance.

The second is to vigorously implement ecological protection and repair projects, increase the protection of ecosystems, and comprehensively improve the quality and stability of natural ecosystems such as forests, rivers, lakes, wetlands, grasslands, and oceans.

The third is to strengthen the synergy between development, utilization and protection, and repair. The collaboration between different elements, regions, and systems, and the collaboration between relevant departments and subjects, and build a comprehensive, regional and whole -process coordination mechanism. Coordinate the governance of the grass and sand system of landscapes, forests, and lakes, related to the overall construction of ecological civilization in the new era, and the sustainable development of my country’s ecological security and the Chinese nation. It must focus on the big place, continuously strengthen the research of ecological strategy, and continue Use strategic research. According to the actual situation of different regions, the protection and classification of regional areas, coordinate ecological spaces such as forests, wetlands, water systems, and wildlife habitats, and strive to build the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau ecological barrier, the Loess Plateau -Sichuan -Yunnan ecological barrier, Northeast forest belt, north in the north, north The anti -southern hills and mountains and the important water systems of the large river areas are the skeleton. It takes the key ecological functional area of ??other countries as an important support. The country with a point -shaped country prohibit the development of the development area as an important ecological security strategy pattern. The governance of coordinating mountains and rivers, forests, and grass and sand systems is a complex system project. It must give full play to the driving role of scientific and technological innovation, and continuously strengthen the research and development capabilities of key core technologies such as ecological environment governance, monitoring, and repair. "Neck" problem. Vigorously promote the digital management and control of ecological space, use 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, satellite remote sensing and other technical means to build a full -cycle and full -process dynamic monitoring system, and continuously improve the level of ecological protection, restoration and management informatization, digitalization, and intelligence.

Scientific and efficient use of survey and monitoring data, carry out the capacity, adaptability, vulnerability, sensitivity evaluation, and evaluation of ecosystem health status of landscapes, forests and sand, and the evaluation of ecosystem health. Lin Mao Tianfeng, Lake Grass Green, Sandy and Bite and Gorgeous Ecological Ecological Scroll.

  (The author is Secretary of the Party Committee of China University of Geosciences (Beijing)) (Editor: Wang Dong).