Gu Gang, director of the Hainan Provincial Development and Reform Commission: High -quality development is the fundamental way out of the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port

On April 26, Gu Gang was interviewed at the Party School of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee.

Xinhuanet Wang Wenjun Photo Xinhuanet Haikou, April 29th (Zhuang Fei Wang Wenjun) On April 26, Gu Gang, the representative of the eighth party congress of Hainan Province and the director of the Hainan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said in an interview with Xinhuanet that Quality development is the fundamental way out of Hainan Free Trade Port.

On the same day, the Eighth Party Congress of Hainan Province opened in Haikou. The first is to lay the foundation around the operation of the closure.

The construction of software and hardware facilities operated by closure is a foundation for the smooth start and good development of free trade ports. By 2025, there are still more than two years. This matter is very simple, but it is a very innovative thing to do. Both Dubai, Singapore, or Hong Kong, China are completely independent customs areas, but Hainan Free Trade Port is re -created a free trade port in the overall customs zone of China. In this case, how to achieve "first line", " The second -line control "is very challenging.

  The second is to focus on the four major industrial systems and the three major future industries.

The industry in this system must be the focus of Hainan’s next active plan for projects. Policies should be closely focused on the four major industrial systems and the three major industries in the future, and the policies are more accurate. Although Hainan already has the policy of free trade ports, its demand is not exactly the same when this policy applies to each market subject. On the basis of optimizing the business environment, through encouraging the industrial catalog, enterprises can truly feel benefits, and at the same time keep the bottom line.

In the future, Hainan will be further strengthened in technology investment and talent introduction. The establishment of a key laboratory -related laboratory -related laboratory -related laboratories in Haikong, in Hainan, is a breakthrough of "zero to one" for Hainan.

  The third is how to do the "dual carbon" platform, which is not only an ecological student, but also to achieve rapid development.

Because the industrial shortcomings in the past are relatively prominent, the industrial chain is relatively short, the cost of industrial is relatively high, and the logistics cost is relatively high.

Now you need to make up for the shortcomings and do "double carbon", which cannot destroy the ecological environment. Therefore, it is necessary to explore and innovate in new technologies around high -quality development. Finally, the construction of the five -network infrastructure is further improved.

The construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, in the next five years, these infrastructure construction will have time requirements. They must be completed, and these tasks will also become specific projects.