China @ 四 川 | Chuanxi Plateau painted "getting rich"

  Cui Yin’s prairie, Huang Chengcheng’s rapeseed flower, fertile black and green … Summer Chuanxi Plateau these beautiful colors, plotted a beautiful "colorful".

  The farmer has not yet passed, and the villagers of Changde Village, Hemang County, Aba Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Ju Ma busy tourism. Her people are driving next to the Red Cultural Square in the village, which is a Tibetan ancient traditional architecture that attracts many visitors.

"In the past few years, the red tourism is getting more and more popular, and the tourists come. We not only know more about the red culture of our hometown, but also increase tourism income." Ju Ma said. Entering Changde Village Red Culture Square, first can see the sand table showing the Red Army of the Red Army in the Black Water Market, and then the 15 land tiles on the ground, in turn, the Red Army is here, raising grains, and establishing Soviet. The story of the regime.

Around the square, standing with the Red Army to hold the Luhua Meet, raising the grain and saving the salt, the sculpture of the classic scene of the snow mountain.

  In recent years, local excavation of red resources, development and tourism, greatly promoted the income of local people and get rich.

"Now the villagers have access to the revenue of 20,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan by participating in the country tourism reception." Luo Li, secretary of the Changde Village Party Branch.

    In June, he was aqi.

After August ripe, this place can play nearly 5,000 pounds of black.

Zerand’s three weeks agreed to sell a small part to the plateau Black Youth Natural Biological Development Co., Ltd. "Beginning in 2017, Aba County has set up a black jealous company, and the black blue bleak for about 2 yuan per catty can now be sold to 8 yuan, we expect to increase the income of about 4,000 yuan.

"Zelan said three weeks. Black Youth is a traditional crop of the Tibetan compatriots in the Sichuan Plateau. It is also one of their staple raw materials.

"Black blue dietary fiber is rich, but the previous way is relatively simple, we want to improve and develop, processed black and blue-shaking cakes, black blue milk tea, black blue 稞 稞 稞 粥 粥.

A Brief Account of Hanbo, a Great Plateau, Natural Biological Development Co., Ltd.

    More and more farmers and herdsmen have entered rich through the black green horman industry.

According to reports, the Plateau Black Youth Natural Biological Development Co., Ltd. Promotes order control model, signing a long-term price-free acquisition agreement with farmers, with an average of 800 yuan per year.

2020 land circulation boiled more than 100 large people, and more than 2,000 yuan per household.

"In addition, the company’s 95% of employees are local farmers and herdsmen.

Hanbo said.

  In the high crucible base of Aba County, the base leader Zhallo and other three local Tibetan youth have been struggling for 5 years.

Sowing from May to in August, they are blooming in the fields in Aba County. In 2016, four students, who have just graduated, Zhabo, and Deng Zhenwu, returned to their hometown. Under the support of college students returning home business, there was a Wanli Agricultural and Sideline Products Development Co., Ltd. in Aba County.

"We use the ‘new farmers who have collapsed back, and we want to use all the people to make more people to eat altitude oil, so that local farmers will receive this industry.

Zhabo said.

  From January 2017, they worked-to-house to do farmers and let them understand the benefits of flowing land and planting rapeseed. One year later, nearly 10,000 villagers in the local area were transferred more than 30,000 mu of land and plant rapeseed.

"At the end of March this year, nearly 20,000 mu of land in Qinghai Province was also circulated.

"Zhabo said," From April to May this year, the company has issued more than 6 million yuan of land transfer rent for the villagers. "(Reporter Gao Jian Yan, Gao Peng, Yi Yi Jie).