Building 12 anti-vlohemial projects in Guardian street

[] Since the emergence of new crown pneumonia, all enterprises and social groups will move in the Dongcheng District, and the social group has moved, actively resulted, and actively implemented the Dongcheng District Committee, Jiangnie Street Work Committee prevention and control work deployment, in which there is unprecedented in this history In the anti-vlorative struggle, it has achieved a major victory. Under the conditions of prevention and control of the epidemic, continue to promote the production of completion, promote high-quality development of regional economic and social, and have emerged a large number of advanced typical and touching deeds. In order to further promote the spirit of the immunity, play the advanced typical demonstration leading to the economic field, recently, the National Gate Street is selected within the jurisdiction of Beijing Zhongjiang Square Development Co., Ltd., Yingta International Trust Co., Ltd., Beijing Hunan Building, etc. in the new crown Advanced collectives that have emerged in the struggle of pneumonia epidemic prevention. It is understood that it is understood that the national economic field of the national government is harvested to fight new coronal pneumonia epidemic, covering all kinds of enterprises, social groups, including social groups, enterprises, buildings, property rights, and buildings in the jurisdiction of new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control. Unit, etc. The work of the trees should be selected, and the masses are recognized, and they are open, fair, fair, equally preferred, and highlight the units that have made outstanding contributions to the jurisdiction in the field of fighting.

  In the struggle of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, 12 advanced collectives who selected trees resolutely implemented the party’s central government on winning the decision-making deployment of the epidemic prevention and control, and consciously enhance the "four awareness", firm "four confidence", do To "two maintenance", no epidemic prevention work mistakes and accidents.

  During the prevention and control of the epidemic, the "Quartet Responsibility", the environmental prevention and control work has achieved remarkable results; responding to the government’s call, fulfilling social responsibility, actively participating in the prevention and control of the country, the city, district, support the prevention and control of the epidemic area; Support street work, fulfillment of local responsibility, prevention and control, and do a good job in the daily life service guarantee of residents in the jurisdiction, and make a prominent contribution to the prevention and control work in the jurisdiction.

  Under the conditions of the epidemic prevention and control, the epidemic prevention and control, one hand to grasp the production, hard work, actively transform, pioneering and innovation, and vigorously develop enterprises, corporate profits and taxes have been significantly increased over the previous year, Regional economic high quality development has made outstanding contributions. 12 anti-vulcanization tree outstanding enterprises in Guardian Street, Beijing Zhongjiang Square Development Co., Ltd. Beijing Hunan Building, British International Trust Co., Ltd. China Tourism Group Travel Service Co., Ltd. Panhai Property Management Co., Ltd. Beijing First Branch Beijing Fuhua Property Management Co., Ltd. Beijing Hongci Medical Investment Management Co., Ltd. Beijing Five Years Pudding Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Jinbao Street Branch Tianrun Fortune Center – Property Management Center Hua Gang Capital Co., Ltd.