Cangzhou City took the lead in achieving consumption disputes in the province "24-hour cloud mediation"

According to, the Cangzhou Market Supervision Bureau took the remote "cloud video" mediation method to successfully completed the adjustment of consumption disputes, which is the first case of Anhui adopting remote video mediation method to mediate consumption disputes.

In this consumption dispute, Ms. Li purchased 3 bottles of drinks through WeChat shopping applets. After receiving an open found bottle, there is a fly in the bottle, and then reflected to a company in Zhangzhou, and the two parties have failed to reach a consensus. Ms. Li Complaints to the Shengzhou City Economic Development Zone Market Supervision Administration.

The Branch of the Economic Development Zone will accept the complaint according to the regulations.

Due to the complainant unable to reach the site, on May 26th, the Economic Development Zone Market Supervision Bureau contacted the parties to the parties, linking the municipal bureau to carry out the online video mediation, helping the parties to clarify the facts and resolve the contradiction, and finally Consistent, mediation is successful. As the first batch of consumer disputes in the province, the pilot work pilot city, since this year, Zhangzhou market supervision department has taken the lead in exploring remote video mediation in the province, fully promoting complaint mediation, remote, convenient, effectively reduced consumption Right protection costs, improve consumer rights protection work efficiency. Establish a remote video mediation mechanism to develop the "Cangzhou City Consumption Disputes Remote Mediation Work System" "Cangzhou City Consumption Disputes Remote Mediation Work Operation Manual", standardize the basic process of consumption disputes, implementation scope. Building a remote video mediation platform, established a "cloud mediation studio" platform with adjustment of multi-management, complex consumption dispute over the ability of the multi-management, complex consumption disputes, has been commissioned in provincial, municipal, counties, and four levels, but also supports multiple consumptions at the same time. Disputes, realizing the 24-hour mediation of consumption disputes, "do not fight". Extending the remote video mediation chain, the only "Satisfied Consumption Triangle" regional demonstration leading action county-level demonstration point, relying on various communities, markets, business districts, and establish 20 "remote mediation room", Convenient for the elderly consumer group to prevent the "intelligent network" panic.

Up to now, there are 2059 successful disputes in the city, and the economic losses are retained for consumers. (Li Me Na’s full media reporter Liu Chen) (Editor: Huang Yan, Zhang Lei).