Art comment: Don’t worry about the hot "squid game"

Recently, the Korean drama "squid game" produced by Netflix ended the first quarter. The show tells hundreds of people trapped in life for a bonus of 45.6 billion won (RMB), and travel to Island to participate in a series of games of life and death. Through the description of the actual and poor difficulties in the characters in the drama, combined with the game and bloody violent conflict, and simultaneously peak the humanity plot, "squid game" is a boom in the whole network.

In this drama, there are 6 traditional children’s games such as "a two-three wood people" "a two-three wood people".

The game process is accompanied by the scene of the plasma, because the challenges will pay the price of life.

It is undeniable that each game in the play is implied with the game of human nature, and the actor is quite in place. However, the beautiful and joy, child really fun, in this manipulated gambling, honesty.

When most of the adult audience evaluates "squid game" with "cool" "stimulation", the minor is shocked by the strong visual impact, which is unable to see the human nature and evil behind the game, and I can’t afford to have the original life. The components and this should have the truth of life, and only remember the simple rules to pronounce others’ death.

On October 19th, Macau Education and Youth Development Bureau did not tell the name "XX Game" recently has a network platform broadcast, and the content contains a lot of violent blood, and the horrified elements, the distorted values, and involves a horrific Violent plots, even in the world to set off the imitation, remind the works that are not suitable for children and adolescents, and call for noticeable violence in the drama. In fact, there have been media reports, children and adolescents, if they see the plot containing a lot of violent blood, horror resistant elements, will have a psychological impact, and even imitate the violent behavior, and twisted values Therefore, it is also deeply planted.