China’s continued steady recovery (new data new points)

What is the "14th Five-Year Plan" start, how is China’s economic opening? The new consumption momentum, the Chinese movie box office is 100 million yuan in February, creates a record of the global single monthly market box office; new state business fire, the first "National Online New Year Festival" network retail sales exceeded 900 billion yuan, online shopping new year, digital red envelope, etc. Become a new fashion of the Spring Festival; new product production is busy, new energy vehicles, industrial robots, microcomputer production increased by more than 100%, in order to eliminate the increase in the growth rate of last year, in the same period in 2019 The two-year average growth rate of the base period has exceeded 10% … "From January-February, under the strong leadership of the party centron’s party with Comrade Xi Jinping, all regions are unified, and the effectiveness of economic and social development has continued to appear, industry And export growth, investment and consumption steady recovery, employment and prices are always stable, basic people’s livelihood guarantees strongly, and the national economy continues to stabilize and restore. "Liu Aihua, a spokesperson of the National Bureau of Statistics. On March 15th, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the data display, deducting the border of last year, and the main indicators in January-February in January-February were stable, and the macro indicator was reasonable. The supply is rapidly increased. In January-February, the total number of industrial added value over the country increased year-on-year, grew up in January-February 2019, with an average growth% of two years, and has higher levels in recent years. The service industry has also maintained a rapid growth, in January-February, the national service industry production index increased year-on-year, grew by 100 months from January to February 2019, with an average growth in two years.

Demand continues to recover. In January-February, the total retail sales of social consumer goods was 69.737 billion yuan, the year-on-year increase, increased from January to February 2019, with an average growth in two years, and market sales increased.

In January-February, fixed asset investment increased year-on-year growth, grew up in January-February 2019, with an average growth in two years, and stabilized investment.

The employment price is overall. Affected by Spring Festival factors, in February, the national urban investigation of unemployment rate is%, rising a percentage point than last month, but falling down a percentage point over the same period last year.

The resident consumption price index (CPI) narrowed a year-on-year, in February, CPI decreased year-on-year, and the decreased percentage points over a month. Innovative movements are steadily enhanced. In January-in February, the higher-tech manufacturing increased value, the added value of the equipment manufacturing industry was 13%,%, which was significantly higher than that of all the large-scale industrial growth.

New energy vehicles, industrial robots, etc. The production of new products in two years has reached more than 30%, and new products continue to grow.

Market vitality continues to increase.

In January-February, the whole society’s freight volume increased year-on-year, two years an average growth%; the total electricity consumption increased year-on-year, two years an average growth%, and the production factor tends to be active. In February, the manufacturing procurement manager index, non-manufacturing business activities index, all over the critical point for 12 consecutive months, indicating that the company is expected to be good.

"From the trend, the main indicators in January-February this year, no matter the year-on-year growth rate or two-year growth, it continued the stable recovery situation since the second quarter of 2020, which laid a solid resumption of China’s economy. The basics.

"Liu Aihua said.